I remembered someone but so many details are missing

This probably won’t make any sense at all and it’s honestly not that important anyways, but I feel like I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t write this down somewhere.

A few minutes I suddenly remembered an old friend of mine, that vanished a long time ago. I remembered the story of how her sister tried to kill/hurt her by pushing her out of the window of a building and how she ended up in the hospital after that. But that is pretty much everything I remember about her. I cannot remember her name, nor how we met, what she looked like, where she was from or why she vanished. It’s almost as if she’s a fraction of my imagination only, but I know she existed. So many details are missing that it’s almost driving me crazy. And what confuses me more is that my mind associates the colour red with what I remember of her.

I will try to ask my mother if she remembers anything about this person, because I vaguely do remember telling my mother about the story of this girl and her sister and her telling me to stop talking to her.

I really do not know what to make of this whole sudden memory but writing it down makes it feel a little more sorted out and under control. So, yey, I guess


Hey there,

Thank you for sharing this here. Sometimes writing things down and getting them out of our brains can really help us make sense of things and sort through what we need to. So I’m glad you came here for that!

I can imagine that is incredibly frustrating to know some specifics about this person, knowing they are real but not being able to remember a lot of details nor the reason why you are remembering them now. Hopefully your mom can bring some more clarity to this and maybe that can shed some light on why you might be remembering this person now.


Sometimes when you forget something, it’s because you don’t want to remember it.

I just talked to my mother about her, and she actually remembered where I met her, but couldn’t tell me anything beyond that. But that’s okay, maybe I can slowly figure out who she is. It definitely did help me to remember I met her through a game I used to play a lot, around 2 or 3 years ago. I’m thinking about logging in and checking the friend-list, later. Who knows, I could come across her ingame name.

And the only explanation as to why I remembered her so suddenly, could be, because I was writing a scene about a boy standing on a rooftop. It doesn’t add up why now though, I’ve written these kind of scenes multiple times before.
But, oh well. I’ll try my best to figure it out somehow!

It sounds like your mom was definitely able to give you at least a little bit more clarity and help you confirm that you were remembering correctly. Perhaps more and more will come back to you little by little? Memory works in odd ways sometimes so it’s hard to know why certain things come back up at certain times. Definitely keep us posted!

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