I said good bye to a long time friend today (loss, cancer, death)

I lost a friend to cancer last week. I’ve known her for 25 years and she was always one of those people who could make you feel like you were the most important person in her life when you were talking to her. She lived fully and completely in every moment of her life. She looked for the best in every person and she sought out those who were hurting and lonely. She always had a gentle and kind way about her. She loved her husband, her kids and her grandkids. Each of them were sure they were her favorite.

Today, we celebrated her life. Everyone who spoke about her said the same things, that she had a profound impact on their life, taught them much and was an amazing example of what it means to love people thoroughly and love Jesus deeply and without reserve.

We hadn’t seen each other very often over the last 10 years or so because she had moved an hour and a half away but her impact on my life was profound. We were the same age but I wanted to be like her when I grow up. As I grieve I want to say “why her?” And she would say “why not me?”. She has left a legacy that has all of us who knew her wanting to be more like her, loving others more thoroughly, loving Jesus more passionately and living life much more fully. Yet my heart hurts at the hole that is left here by her absence. It’s going to take time to get used to her not being here on this earth anymore.


From: eloquentpetrichor

I am so sorry for your loss, my friend :hrtlegolove:

This post itself is such a beautiful tribute to your friend and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I hope that you continue to celebrate her life and carry her memories and everything she has meant to you with you. I hope that you are reminded of her often and that those reminders bring a smile to your face and allow you to feel her spirit with you. You are a wonderful person, mamadien. virtual hugs


From: Mystrose

My dear friend, I love you. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your friend and I wish I could take away the pain. I know you know she is up there with Jesus. I hope that you can reflect on all the good memories you had with her and remember that you’re gonna see her again. Loosing someone who we wanted to grow up and be like feels like it would be devastating and I pray that Jesus wraps you in His loving arms and comforts you. You are very much loved ~Mystrose



From: twixremix

dearest mamadien,

thank you so much for posting and sharing what’s on your heart after today’s service. this is so beautifully written, my friend. i actually got choked up reading it for the first time on the swat3 call - we are all here right there with you supporting and loving you during this difficult time. it’s a great comfort knowing that someone so amazing, someone who fought so hard, can rest comfortably now in heaven.

from what you’ve shared, she led an incredible life and brought out the best in others - reminds me of the impact you also make on people :blue_heart: keep on celebrating her life; i know she’ll be watching over you until you can join her again and feel that same energy she gave you for the past 25 years. sending you love, thoughts, and comfort always, mamadien.

love you mucho,


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Dearest friend (Mama) What a beautiful, deep and wonderful tribute to your friend. I am so truly sorry that she has passed, I am sorry for you and for the family that are left behind. I am also grateful that you all had the pleasure of her time, friendship and company for so many years, years of good times, memories, joy and love that even though you cannot talk to her about right now, you will hold in you heart and mind forever and I do believe you will be together again one day to have those chats again. Mama, you describe a person that reminds me of the person I know, the person who I am lucky enough to call my friend the person who I am sending all my love to in this post. Seems you did grow up to be just like her after all. fancy that. take care my dear friend. love and hugs to you. xxxxxx


From: Manni XP

Hi, Mamadien. Thank you for sharing about someone who sounds like such a beautiful soul.
It really, really hurts when someone leaves this world. It sounds like while she may have moved on, her light continues to brighten the lives of everyone who knew her! Please remember to take care of you during this period. We’re all here for you.


Hey Mom,

Celebrate the wonderful & amazing life, memories, experiences, and lessons of your friend. Sing them high, through the heaviness of your heart. We know that they are now beyond this mortal coil, and sit among the Most High. We can’t even imagine the joy they are experiencing now (though someday we will).

Take time and process your grief. Shed your tears. Tell stories of them, and reflect upon your memories. Breath. You know that only time will abate the pain you feel in your heart. Be and speak with Him, and find your path here. I am sure you’ll find your smile and joy again.

You have so much to give, momma. Take the time to refill that cup. You got this.



We may have just met, but I have already seen your kindness and wisdom, so for you to speak so highly of your friend is great praise for her indeed.

Take time now to remember your dear friend at her best and worst, and take comfort in knowing she is at peace. Celebrate her life and her impact on you, and honour her memory by continuing the great work you do once you are ready.

Although we are newly acquainted, I am always here if you need anything, and my thoughts are with you.


Hi Mamadien,
thank you for sharing. i am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
with life comes saying goodbye, sooner or later, we all are confronted with it. cancer is something no one on this world
deserves, something what should not be there. sadly it is. booth of my grandparents died from it.
life is not about saying goodbye, life is about remember those people with the best memories we had with them, with
the journey, the path we shared with them.
don’t mourn because they are gone, be happy because you knew them. there are people in life, and your dear friend
sounds like it, we should be happy that we know them. this community has many of them, you are also one of them.
though we all live worlds apart, we all share the same.
we are here for you, always. you are loved and you matter :purple_heart: to us, to me.
feel hugged my friend.

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Oh all of my wonderful friends! My heart is full this morning reading all of your replies to my post. @twixremix - that you came back to the wall after your swat had started to grab my post (I suspect @Mystrose had something to do with that) feels like a warm, comforting group hug this morning. As I read each and every response, your love and care seeps deeper and deeper into my heart friends.

Each and every one of you has made this journey a little easier. Each response is like warm honey - sweet and soothing to a hurting soul. Thank you for the loving and wonderful responses. I want to give each and everyone of you that green supported check - but only one is allowed so I tell you all that I would check every response this way.

Going forward, I’m going to take a few pages from my friends life book and Love Jesus more deeply and love each and everyone here more fully. I’m going to practice staying in the moment with everyone I am with. No regrets about the past, no worrying the future. Forgive and ask forgiveness. Be truly present.
I love you all.

And @Taladien - I thank God that He blessed me with being your momma. I love you son.



take your time to take care of yourself now,
but please not that much time like to add a member to your Swat Group please, i would and we all would probably miss you for waiting until forever, like in Swat 8.


Mamadien, I’m so sorry I took so long to reply to this. It hit a very strong chord. There’s a funeral tomorrow for someone I cared for and the words you shared about your friend rang so very true for this person.
My heart is so full to know that people like our friends are in the world. People like yourself.

My heart grieves with you mama. The waves wash over us and we rise from them as beings with the weight of the waters. The waters that are both sorrow and sadness, but also appreciation and joy.

When your heart fills with sorrow and ache, I hope it can also be filled with the comfort of all the love that has been shared between you and your friend.

Thank you for being here mamadien. Take care of yourself :heart:


I knew you were making the post, but Lisa is the one who actually saw it go up. So credit goes to Lisa on that one. :hrtlegolove:


I am so very sorry for your loss. It’s so difficult to lose someone who had such an impact on your life. I know that you will carry the memories with you. I hope you can find comfort in friends, faith and community while you grieve this tremendous loss. This whole community is here for you and we care deeply for you, friend.


Ah ha! @Lisalovesfeathers Thank you for the love my friend.


I’m so so so sorry for your loss. I’m sure lots of people have advice and are trying to help. I’m always here to just listen if you ever need to vent.

All the Love

Photonious (Adam)

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@ManekiNeko, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I hope the funeral today brings comfort and peace for you as you mourn the loss of your friend. It’s hard to accept at first that someone with so much love and light in this world is gone. I will grieve with you Neko. I hope that sharing our grief will lessen it’s pain. We can cry and laugh together as we walk through these next days and weeks until the sharp ache of loss becomes that gentler feeling of remembrance and love. Hugs for you my grieving friend.


@JennaLouise and @Photonious Thank you for the love, the care and the sweet sweet words. You embody what this community is all about and your love is felt deeply. Thank you again.