I Saved A Life From Suicide and I Don't Know What To Think

Heya All.

As the title suggests I recently saved a close friend of mine from taking her own life.

I recently went down to visit her for a little surprise trip, and through it all she kept saying that she wants to die.

So, me and her was in a private location where there is a little 20 foot wall, and we were at the top of the wall. She kept looking at the wall, so I decided to just be by her the entire time.

After awhile, I noticed her trying to jump off the wall, and being more intense on the suicidal tendencies of saying “I want to die. I have to died, etc.”

So that’s when she kept trying to jump off the wall, and that is also when I held her back and pinned her down to the ground while trying to call for help this entire time.

Honestly I’m not sure what to think. I am thankful I saved her life, but also I am not sure what I should’ve done/could’ve done better.

Please give some advice.

Thanks Duck


You have done the very best you could have done in this situation. You acknowledged her situation, and noticed her suicide wish, and you took it seriously.
You have stayed with her, and prevented the worse.

I know it hurt you to pin her to the ground, and use force on her for the better.

You have given her the possibility to get help, and for another chance. That is way more than most others would have done. You are a hero, and you have all reason to be proud of yourself. I am proud of you saving the life of your friend.


Thanks so much pal!

Definitley helps out


You did a very honorable thing you saved someone’s life and you helped that person to life and see there is purpose in life no matter what we are going through suicide isn’t the answer.

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