I screwed up/I can't do anything right

So I created a Patreon account and my brother saw on the bank statements for my transactions for said account on how much I’ve spent on my memberships and I got yelled at and now I’m no longer allowed to have money anymore because of this, I suck at everything and apparently I can’t do anything right.

What’s the point of living if I can’t do anything right and keep making everyone hate me. :sob:

And also to make it even worse I’m probably going to have my stuff taken away because I’m a stupid idiot and missed up.


Hi there @SadSchizophrenic1,

Thank you for sharing with us. It sounds like you feel bad for making a mistake or spending money in a way others don’t approve of. With that said, a mistake is a mistake and we’re all human; humans make mistakes, and that’s okay (and I don’t even know if this necessarily was a mistake; it may have just been a disagreement on how to prioritize funds). There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes as they’re just parts of life.

Life has ups and downs, and it sounds like you’re currently at a pretty low point, but things can improve. Not everyone hates or even dislikes you, and you are valued. Hopefully, this will become more evident with time.

I’m sending lots of love over as your deal with these difficult emotions. Thank you, once more, for sharing.

<3 Tuna


Everything that I do is a mistake,. Every time I do anything like for example I cleaned the sink drain and I got accused of cleaning with bleach. Another example I was drying clothes and I got yelled at for using the wrinkle control setting on the dryer.

Even me just simply existing is a mistake.

Him yelling got me so upset to the point that i hide in my closet and cried for about two hours, my voices kept telling me, that I’m stupid, why did you do that ?,
No one wants you because your an idiot, it got so bad to the point where I slit my wrist, which is stupid and dumb, and I only made it worse, oh well , that’s what I get for being a stupid pathetic useless idiot.

If you have hurt yourself, it is advisable to get help with the physical injuries, a doctor or hospital.
You’ve mentioned before that you have a therapist. I’d encourage you to be open and honest with them, and ask them for strategies to manage and cope with these intense emotions.

Are you being helped/treated with the voices?


I have a therapy appointment in about 2 weeks, so hopefully her and I can come up with a list of healthy Coping strategies/skills.

I’m taking antipsychotics.