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I see a lot of myself in this video. [TW]

This video is very profound for me. I suffer a lot of the same diagnosis and thoughts as the woman in this video. Almost like I’m listening to myself talk. I wanted to share because sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone, even in how you hear yourself in your head. Trigger Warning.

Special Books by Special Kids, Alyssa’s 5 Mental Health Disorders


This video was beautiful. And the LOVE that’s in their eyes is also so heartwarming. I relate so very much to her testimony, her thoughts and multiple diagnosis. It is so isolating to feel stuck in our head. She explains so very well how knowing that we are loved and accepted can even make things worse at times. Many times I have felt like I was betraying and failing my partner for still struggling with such amount of anxiety and depression despite the immense love he gives to me. But oh it makes such a big difference to have an ally by our side too.

Thank you for sharing, @Sapphire. Thank you for this reminder that we are never truly alone, even if it feels as such. I forget that very easily. :hrtlegolove:


So much this.

I have made a lot of progress over the years as far as becoming more aware and respectful of my own feelings and their validity. At the same time, there are days when I am with my husband and something has happened or maybe it was just a bad mental health day, and I worry because I don’t want him to think he did something wrong or to have to worry about me or what have you. Because he doesn’t deserve the stress and the worry.

Other times something might happen and I am angry and I start thinking so negatively when he doesn’t deserve that either. Should I be mad? Maybe, maybe not. But I don’t need to take it out on my husband. And yet at the same time, for all I know he would be more than happy to sit with me and help me feel better.


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