I should be sleeping

I should be sleeping, or doing something productive…
But I’m here, writing about you
Because I have to get you out of my thoughts
I wonder where you are… or what
Who are you with tonight?
Because here I am, writing about my stupid emotions…
While you’re probably out…
Not caring


hi, i understand how youre feeling rn. thanks for reaching out to all of us.
what happened between you and that person?


We like each other. I’ve unexpectedly fallen for them. But they’re emotionally unavailable. And I’m damaged. And too afraid to tell them how I feel.

yeah. Dealing with a similar yet different situation.
Whatever happens, you will be ok. But I know it can be stressful and consuming of your brain space and heart space.
Sending love.

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“Consuming of your brain space and heart space” hahah this is tooo accurate.
And thank you for the support

What seems to be going on EyelessDoll?

Oh pretty much I have a crush. And I hate it. It makes me feel like I don’t have control over my own emotions… So I find it irritating lol

Do you consider your crush to be gorgeous?

I do consider them gorgeous

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its more than one person?

No. I was referring to my crush

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I have a crush too but she doesn’t know about it

Have you considered telling her?

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she’s married unfortunately and I don’t want to offend her

That sounds like a brutally helpless situation.

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can I inbox you more about the situation?

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Yes of course, I’ll keep an eye on my inbox

I feel like I myself am on the other end of this barrel. I hate to sound like I’m justifying the distancing but in my circumstance I don’t want to hurt anyone because I didn’t know who I am. It’s not to hurt anyone, it’s just to make sure I don’t end up hurting someone I care about because I was too selfish to have my own identity. The loneliness is painful but it’s preferable to the confusion and mistakes that could follow promises that can’t be fulfilled. What I said may not be helpful but I believe time makes us grow and the moments spent in heartache aren’t in vain.

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I completely understand where you are coming from. I feel like many of us pull away from emotion in an attempt to guard ourselves from our shortcomings. It’s an effective defense mechanism in terms of avoiding conflict. In my particular situation, I find myself trying to distance myself… in order to avoid rejection. But sometimes that makes the yearning worse.
I like to believe you’re right though… That these times are not all in vain :black_heart:

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