I should have left my ex friend alone

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I wish that I could let go of my ex friend. I should have gave her space and let her go. But I gotten obsessed with her and kept pushing her boundaries. I told that had more than friend feeling for her. She also had a boyfriend, that why she left me. She did have me a hug the last time we saw each other in person.

But all my friends and family kept saying she was just using me. I honestly fucking hate when people say that shit, it fucks with my reality and it get me into my own head. It make feel worst and more resentful. Except for my sisters and my other friends , saying she did not use you things did not work out.

I’m hurt that she was not there when my aunt die ( she did apologize for that) the pain still hurt. My sister said some people respond to death differently. But I’m still hurt by it.

I can’t stop thinking of her everyday, I still can’t get over her. I still want rant about her on social media and ruin her life.


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