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I should probably die

Seriously why do I suck so much? I just moved to Arizona from MT and I know nobody here, have lost all motivation to do anything and am so far away from my family. All I want to do is connect with some cool people.

I feel like shit when I’m around my friend and his girlfriend it makes me feel soo terrible. Also seems like I’m the only person on this planet that isn’t going to college and people just give me crap for it. I don’t want to go and can’t afford it regardless! I’m ranting so back to my main thing.

I just want to connect with some nice people, be apart of a community and think just for a little bit that I actually matter in this world.


Or maybe I just can’t?


You matter, I promise. You just gotta find the place you fit into. The Phoenix Zoo has a lot of public events you can attend, plus the Renaissance Festival is going on right now. The Phoenix Pride Parade is also in early April and that’s a blast. I’m sure there are plenty of events to attend, and there are also probably community groups you can join and volunteer jobs you can be part of. Don’t give up hope, the rest of the community and I believe in you. We’ll always be here <3.


I was talking with a friend about connection and community today… She was asking why I’m so scared to get close to other people… My answer was… It really is fear… The more people I let in and get close too, the more chance there is of me getting hurt. I’m not saying that if I let people in they’re going to hurt me on purpose… I’m saying, the more people there is, the higher the chance someone is going to maybe make a mistake that hurts me… So that fear stops me. There are people everywhere we connect with… but that fear makes it seem like there’s NO ONE… I was just thinking that MAYBE, like me, there’s an element of fear similar to that, that’s stopping you from going out to join groups or communities? Because it’s a big thing that has gotten in the way of me attending church groups I keep saying I’m going to attend…
I’m not saying this is happening with you, and it really doesn’t mean you are any of the things you say you are. You’re loved, you matter. It might just be something to consider?

Hold Fast!



Of course you can and of course you deserve to connect with people, my advice is try to look for some exercise of hobbies that maybe can be of your liking and with that you can find people that you have something in common. To be a part of a community or to try to connect with people isnt easy but not impossible :raised_hands:


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Who’s giving you crap for not going to college? Sorry, this is a sore subject for me, but fuck them.

That said, I know it can feel like the world is judging you for not going to college, but the reality is most people don’t care. Your life isn’t their life. They’re too caught up in their own problems to worry about yours, and they probably figure you’re just living your life the way you need to. If you don’t want to go to college, then don’t. I and many others here can tell you that if you don’t want to be there you won’t do well. If you can get a steady job, any job, you can support yourself and you don’t need college.
</ rant >

As for connecting with people, you can start with church groups if you’re a church goer, or check out Meetup in your area. Meetup is a site where people can form and join groups based on specific interests. It will be okay. You are loved here, and you will find your place in your new home.