I still need let her go

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I’m regret how I end things with my ex friend, I should have just let her go and accept that she need space. I had romantic feelings and she had a boyfriend. I think she only view me as a friend.

I’m regret shit talking about her on Instagram, and making her feel like she about leaving me. I was hurt when my aunt die, she was not there for me. But understand that it more complicated than that.

Let a couple people and my parents tainted our friendship. I hate it when people say she just use you, it made me feel worst and made feel more shitty.

I can’t trust anyone’s opinions on relationship it just get too fucking much, like I know my parent know what best for me, but I hate that I cant make decisions for myself. But also try convincing to break up a romantic relationships between two people. I would not want that anyway.

I’m still mad at her, she could at least try to be friends and been there when my aunt pass away. Also I felt she did not give me enough credit of being a good friend. I have a lot complex feelings about this.


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