I think everyone has a different lens and thats ok

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I think everyone has a different lens and that’s okay. I’m not saying anyone is wrong, but I cry every time this song comes on. Crying as I type this out haha I have a very deep connection with this song and that’s why it’s my favorite song off this album. 2 things:

1.If anyone has seen the movie Interstellar, (you should already know) if you haven’t, you should, it will make you understand the concept if there was no god (theoretically speaking). Which also makes you understand the beauty of life through space and time.

  1. I lost my sister to suicide in the fall of 2015. From Interstellar, I call her “My Ghost.”

I cry every time at the slow part after “Dancing in the wind, as roses born again, there you’ll find me.” After every “there you’ll find me” I start bubbling up, because in my eyes my sister is with me everywhere I go. The ascending “Let it go” is supposed to simulate entering another life. Then soft electronic textures to simulate you have made it into the afterlife and then the explosive hit to simulate “The Big Bang,.” the start of your afterlife. From there, I’m a mess. I’m a mess right now. but, if you’d like a more broad understanding, watch the music video. The music makes me cry too. I am thoroughly convinced that you only have one life, and it is so precious in today’s world, so let’s not waste it.

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Even if somehow we CAN start again… it won’t be as we are now. We won’t have our memories, or our identities, or our experiences. That won’t be different whether everything fades to black forever or we are reborn, or reconstituted, or whatever. Treasure what you have now. Treasure that you have a minuscule place in the cosmos. Treasure that you get to experience living.

Thank you so much for writing this. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. Of course you’re crying writing this. I’m so impressed that you had the guts to reach out and share your pain. Losing someone so close to you can seem like a part of your soul has been ripped away. I know it is with great sadness that you call her “My Ghost”, but I can see that deep in the sadness you also feel her still with you somehow. I can’t know how you feel. I would never try to pretend I did know, but you reached out from this pain and wanted to share your appreciation for this song’s beauty and for its message. I hear you. Despite what you’ve gone through, your message is “life is precious so don’t waste it”. That’s beautiful.

What an absolutely beautiful song - im not typically an avenged sevenfold person but this was really great to experience alongside your explanation - I think everyone has a different lens and thats ok - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 9 July 2024 | Loom