I think had some wirdo stalking me

I got a random text to night that said “Hey it is been a while that we have no fun together Shall we hangout next week” . I think this wirdo I stop being friend is still stalking me. Or whatever it is did not answer.

I was having very intense thoughts, thinking about. This part of me get into a dark place. I’m afraid that this guy can push me over the edge.

My mother I did not like how I ended the friendship. She though I was in wrong and that I was an asshole to him.

I’m like 31 years and dealing with this child shit, like this fucking guy won’t leave me alone and start drama with me .

Honestly, I did nothing wrong with guy and this guy need grow up an d leave me alone.


I’m with you on this. If it doesn’t feel right to get involved with this person, don’t. I think there’s a way to block his number so you don’t get texts from him any more.

Hey friend,

I’m sorry that this text has made you feel so upset and worried about this ex-friend! If you take it slowly and rationally, there are really different possibilities there. Yes, it could be that ex-friend. Although it could also be someone who made a mistake and sent the message to the wrong person. It could also be a scam - as weird as it sounds, it happens through text too, and sometimes it starts with a familiar message as if you knew this person so it pushes people to respond and ask who they are.

In any case, @Wings is right: you can block the number, take some deep breaths and try to keep focusing on your life. Your peace of mind is so important. :hrtlegolove:

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Politely ask him to leave you alone, if that doesn’t work, block him on anything he can reach you on. I ended up having to do that with my own stalker, and it was kinda traumatizing to me since I’m only 16 and this person was 18… I’m not sure what else to say, but if it keeps happening, you may have to bring in authorities


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