I think i have other people living in my head? (DID maybe?)

Hi my name is Alex. Yesterday I had a dissociative breakdown. I had been fighting it off for about a week already, and I blacked out. (? I’m not quite sure but i definitely lost time) for about an hour and forty minutes. During that time an alter or possible multiple took over my body. I had no idea i had any alters, and apparently I have some trauma I don’t even know about. I’m typing this sounding calm but i am FREAKING OUT. Please help me. I don’t wanna be broken anymore. #support:im-the-only-one #stress-and-overwhelm


Hi! I’m part of a system and @Sky-Trev is too! Maybe we can help?


yes, please, anything you can do.

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No! Go away! I will not let you get rid of me! I’m staying! I want it more than him!

No! Go away! I will not let you get rid of me! I’m staying! I want it more than him!

Hey there. I’ve just met Alex earlier and helped them to create an account here. You’re in a safe place. No one wants to get rid or you. No one will hurt you. You’re among friends who are just willing to talk and encourage one another. If someone say anything hurtful, they’ll be moderated.

I’d like to invite you to introduce yourself, if that’s okay for you. Just a good way to start and learn to know each other better!

Hold fast. :hrtlegolove:


No one’s saying they are getting rid of you, Alex just wants to understand what’s going on. It’ll be okay ^~^


oh… I’m sorry. My name is Estelle, pronounced EST-EE-ELL I like pink. And green.


You say alex doesn’t wanna hurt me? That makes me happy. I was worried.


I’m beginnign to freak out reading this because that’s happened to me before…
this is making me realise things…
and wonder more…
and I am really abou to freak out really bad.

That had happened to me before. And to my sister. It is so scary. I have gotten in trouble for things I didn’t do at aaaaaaaaaaaalll.

Hey there! I understand how it feels to have those sorts of switches, and then get in trouble for things you haven’t done.

Anyway I could help btw? ^-^

ofc we need all the help we can get

Nice! Perhaps shift to PMs and we can talk there? Aswell as other systems here? :]

ive never really used this site before idk how that would work

Oh that’s okay! I’ll make one then!

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