I think I’m starting to be addicted

I feel like I’m starting to be addicted to self harm, I harmed myself plenty of times prior due to panic attacks and other breakdowns but now even when it’s smaller I get urges to do it to cope. Like I need it to cope, I need it or else.

I recently went on a panic because I couldn’t find the main thing I used for that because I felt like I couldn’t go on without it and be better without doing that to myself.

I hope it’s not addiction though, and I really want to stop but it’s so hard to resist I end up doing it anyways.

Sorry it’s so short I just wanted to talk about that for a bit.

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Self harm can be addictive, I’m struggle with myself abs I still get impulse to do. But there are coping skill you can use to help

  1. Holding a ice cube
  2. Stress ball
  3. Wash your face with cool water
  4. Punch a pillow
  5. Breathing exercises

Also look some DBT skills or video they do really help a lot!!

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I think I have an old stress ball somewhere, see if I can find that, thank you for the suggestions though!!

Thank you so much for sharing that. Realizing you have a problem is the first step to overcoming this.

I have struggled with self harm in the past and I have been able to move on from it. I believe you have the strength to do the same. It is an addiction, so it is normal to have impulses to do it again. You are not alone.

Ben Sledge wrote a book called ReWrite which I highly recommend you look into. It will help you identify why you self harm and hopefully it will help you overcome that. You can find it on Amazon. If money is an issue, please let me know and I can help you figure something out.

If you want to talk more about self harm, please reach out either through this thread, or if you want to talk privately, feel free to DM me. I check this site at least once a day, so I should get to you in a timely manner. I also will be on here for Christmas, so if Christmas is hard for you, then post about it and I will make sure to respond.

I believe in you. Hold fast.

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Thank you so much for the response! I’ll look into the book and see if I can order it, things are a bit hectic at my house bcuz of Christmas but yell I’ll keep that in mind!! Thanks again!

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Of course!! Keep in touch. Let me know how you’re doing!

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