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I think i made it?

this isn’t really much of an achievement since im failing majority of my classes, but the school yr is finally over as of tomorrow. my birthday is in 3 days, and my mom planned something for my friends and i. she’s been a lot better lately, as she has horrible anger issues and possibly bpd, shes usually never very kind to me. everything feels so much better now. i cant turn in any more work, and i’ve got lots of missing assignments, but there isnt much i can do now. i’ve thought of an explanation to tell her so i can try to prolong this happiness for as long as i can, since she says some pretty f-cked up things about me when i having bad grades. i don’t know, i think it’ll start to go back downhill again pretty soon, and i’m sure no one really cares that much, but i haven’t feel genuine calm and happiness in so long and im so excited to be out of school. this isnt very significant but i thought i’d post something about it so i can look back in case it gets worse :love_letter:


Oh dear, I’m really happy for you! And I hope your whole life will be happy after that, keep thinking like that you are a special person, and happy birthday!:heartpulse:

Hey @jisung,

This is absolutely significant, and it’s a real honor to read about those life updates. Struggles are important to share, but moments of joy and peace are as much significant to acknowledge. So, thank you for sharing all of this, and congratulations for making it through school this year! It had to be a pretty wild year with covid and lockdowns, but you made it, and that’s a real accomplishment given the circumstances.

I’m really glad to see that you were feeling more at peace when you posted, despite the perspective of things to possibly go back downhill again. I also hope that it will go as smooth as possible with your mom. Please know that your grades are important, but they will never define you or your worth. What your mom could say about you when she is upset or angry ir about her and her emotional state, not you as a human being. I know it’s hard to keep that in mind and not feeling hurt, but I wanted at the very least to share that reminder with you. :hrtlegolove:

Also… happy birthday! :blush: I hope this day will be a very joyful one to you. You are loved dearly. :hrtlegolove: