I think I need a change, I just don't know what

Hey everyone, I could use some advice and ideas from you wonderful folks.

I have been feeling like I need a change in my life but I have no idea what that change should be.

I love my job, I am overall happy in my relationship with my partner of course we have issues just like anyone else does. That’s part of a relationship, but I am overall happy with my significant other. I mostly like where we live, it’s not the busiest city in the world and can be lacking in things to do but I also don’t really want to move.

Outside of those things I don’t really know what else people change so I don’t really know what to do. I just have this itch and overwhelming feeling that SOMETHING should change, I just have no idea what.


i learned that when your dating someone else lonely moments only get more lonely, or move into the country if you aren’t already there.

Hey @Ithinkineedachange,

This is for sure an essential question though also a very large one, which would make difficult for anyone to suggest specific steps or actions to take.

Could you share a little more about your situation? In your opinion, what makes you feel like something needs to change in your life? Do you feel like stuck in a routine? Or unaccomplished in an area of your life? That your life right now feels meaningless as it is? Not assuming anything of course, just willing to understand more your life context and where this needs comes from for you. We’ve surely all felt one way or another the urge to implement changes of all kind in our life, but it’s also always tied to a unique life context. I’d love to hear more about yours, and what type of thought or emotion have brought you to feel this need for a change.

Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:

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I definitely understand what you mean. Everything is good, but something isn’t quite right. IDK. I struggle with that too. I’ve been making changes in my life, I got a new job and bought a house with my wife, but something still feels incomplete. I have no idea what it could be, and the fact that the feeling hasn’t changed tells me that the problem isn’t with my life, it’s something in me. I think that’s a good place to start exploring. No idea what I’ll find. Maybe I need to work on gratitude to appreciate how full my life is, maybe I need to pick up a hobby to fill the holes, but I know for sure that I’ve been making changes and feeling the same, so it’s not the things that need changing.


Sure! I do feel a little stuck in routine. I work from home and so does my partner, we haven’t really gone out to do much with COVID so it’s a lot of get up, work, be in the house after work, go to bed.
They go to bed at like 7pm some nights and just lay in bed instead of on the couch. It’s just been hard to go anywhere safely for so long ya know?

Things are finally getting better with COVID here though, for now anyway lord knows if that will change again but with that we’re starting to see friends again.

I’m not sure how to describe it I just have this overwhelming feeling of wanting/needing something different. It’s almost like anxiety where you just feel it in your chest and mind but can’t exactly describe how it feels. I just have the overwhelming feeling of needing to change SOMETHING, I just can’t put my finger on it.


Yes! This is so spot on with how I have been feeling! I just cannot put my finger on what is causing this feeling


it could be just a little shake up in routine u need. Get a pupppy!! (half serious suggestion, based on your ability to take one in, give it time, etc).
Are there any new hobbies or skills you’ve always to learn more about, and never got around to doing? Maybe do an online cooking course or find a new cooking book and make it a date-night thing to make a meal together from it?

Or try meditation! Sometimes it helps to find the missing bits inside yourself, and find a way back to a more peaceful feeling! Wishing you luck with it! Let us know what you try and how it goes! Interested in seein what works, if you’re comfortable sharing!


My first thought is to change your furniture around in the room you spend the most time in. I’ve done that before and felt good after. Sometimes, it just takes a small change to fix that itch.


moving furniture and new paint colours were also some of my first thoughts! :smiley:


I would love a puppy we just can’t afford to really take care of one now and we want to get a fence around our yard first.

I’ve tried meditation before and always struggle to really get my mind into the right space. I absolutely hate silence. Like no sound of music, video, podcast, talking, etc in the background grinds my gears. Do you have any tips?


Oh moving furniture could be nice. I just redid my home office where I spend all my time, but that doesn’t mean the living room couldn’t be changed somehow.
We want to buy a new couch at some point so we kept putting off doing anything else to that room, might be time to just do something in the mean time


i’ve been trying to figure out the basics to explain it, if i discover/find a good started guide, i’ll let you know. Deep breathing is an excellent start though, u can listen to gentle sounds for that. I love rain and river sounds generally, maybe u could totally combine those two :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to search around for some sounds that I like and are calming

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i have gotten into looking at this guy do winter camping… now i’m always sleepy and feeling a bit cold, but it’s so relaxing! lol

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