I think I scared away my best friend

I have a kind of newer friend that I really like. They make me feel safe, I can talk about anything with them. I’m still learning about them cuz we don’t know each other super well yet. I get very attached to people that I want to be like and look up to. I think they just realized that I’m clingy and either that scared them or they think I have a crush or something on them, which I don’t. I think of them as sibling or a best friend. I just feel like I alienated one of the only people I have that makes me feel happier. Now I’m fighting myself for wanting to pull away from them so they don’t think I’m crazy or weird, because I really want to stay friends with them. I don’t know how to act around them now and I don’t want to make both of us uncomfortable.

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Why do you think you’ve scared them away?

I would suggest saying like, “I really like you and want to be good friends because I like hanging out with you. I’m sorry if it comes off as clingy.” or something similar, just to be open about your intentions.

As for not knowing how to act, be yourself and whatever is natural (but nice).


Idk, I said something about really liking them and it came out wrong or they took it the wrong way I guess and they kind of looked at me like I was weird for what I said and the way they reacted kind of made me feel like they thought I like them. We’re both in long term relationships (we’re opposite genders if that wasn’t clear)

I just feel like I’m stupid and shouldn’t have said anything, because now I think they think I’m weird. I won’t see them again for a few days so I’m hoping it blows over for both of us and we forget but I just feel like they thought I crossed a line when really all I was doing was being silly and honest. My partner trusts me and know I get close with some of my friends and tell them I love them and stuff and it’s not anything weird it just means I care about them a lot. But I think my friend thought I meant more and thought my partner was like okay with it or something. Idk. Idk what they were thinking but it got awkward. I’m also afraid our couple of mutual friends who were around will side with my friend and think I’m a creep and I really just want to pull away from all of them. But I really don’t because this friend is probably my favorite person I’ve known in a long time. I 100% don’t have ‘feelings’ for them and I’m not suppressing any. I really think they’re cool and would love to be more like them, so I admire them. I’m happy with my partner and everything.

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well if you haven’t specified you meant “as friends” that could be problematic and make things uncomfortable, so I would suggest doing that.

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