I think I should share some other parts of my art for positivity sake

I should use this forum more often but besides that I thought I should share some art of mine I like to do!

I usually make pride flags, both for small labels and alternates! I’ll list below the flag what identity its for and what the identity is!
^^ Androflexible: Attraction to men but can have moments of attraction to moment, but it is too rare to be considered bisexual

^^Nixic: An umbrella term for genderless identities, (my personal favorite design by me), these identities are genderless but may have a gender alignment to it (masculine aligned, feminine aligned for example)

^^An alternate non-binary flag I made, I went for more softer colors and make it have less saturated with a bit more shades to it!

^^Cassflux: " A genderflux identity based on cassgender, when someone has a gender identity but either feels no connection to that gender identity or does not feel their gender identity is important or worth describing. Cassflux people are cassgender, but the intensity at which they feel their gender is important fluctuates." quote taken from this: https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Cassflux

^^Aremsexual: A label for those who have a sex drive but do not have any attraction to anyone (wishing to date someone in a sexual way).

orchidian ALT
^^Orchidian: Agender or genderless individuals who are attracted to women and men.

^^Timeflux: Those whose gender changes based on the time of day.

^^Sognaresexual: A label for those who only have attraction to someone in their dreams, when they are awake they may not be attracted to someone but when dreaming about them they have attraction strictly in dreams.

^^Nomialgender: Someone who may feel as if they gender is strictly just themselves, and may also be a mix of other gender identities that morph into one that is themselves.

^^Chameleogender: A fluid gender where one’s gender changes matching to the gender of the person they are near. Much like chameleons change their color according to where they are.

^^Dollogender: A fluid gender where ones gender is affected and changed by other genders and have a base gender when around no gender. Similar to the one above but the gender doesn’t match with the one they are around.

^^Agender X: A gender where one is agender but may also have a connection to some other gender, this is strictly more as an umbrella term.

^^Enby-Vinician: A label for those who are non-binary or under the spectrum but are vinician (Vinician is a label and term to describe anyone who is a gay man or gay male-aligned person)

I would go on but that would take up a bunch of time so I’ll leave it at that. Making flags is a passion for me and it makes me happy people can represent themselves in a physical manner more rather than having to say and explain it. So yea, something positive for everyone.


That’s amazing! And also very informative. A while ago I realized I was genderfluid, but your topic pushed me to dive into this a little more and I relate to the girlflux description on the Wiki you shared, as it’s more a matter of intensity to me, from agender to whatever feminine %, and less a matter of gender. Reminds me of how much my mom pushed me to be “more feminine” while I grew up and it was frustrating - ha!

Was super interesting! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your art, @Sky-Trev. :hrtlovefist:


Heyyy I didn’t know aremsexual was the word for me. It’s nice to know there’s a name for it, I’ve been calling it just one of the many flavors of ace. :rofl: Thank you for this!


I’m really happy to hear from you two you found labels that fit! That’s where I found my own label! This is one of my stronger passions in art, it helped me dive into colors and mix them together to make pieces such as this! I might do more posts such as this and explain the color meanings a bit more if possible :]

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I’m super interested in learning about the colors! If you make another post, I’d love to be tagged so I can be sure I see it!


Would you like if I explain some of the colors for some of the flags I posted? @ZenniLyn?

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