I think I'm ready to let it go

I think I’m ready to release my past trauma. The ones that perpetuate the thoughts that say “I’ll always be alone” or that “no one cares about me”

That’s not true and it’ll never be true. And I’m not a nobody. I’m a somebody and I’m definitely not easy to forget. And people do care about what I have to say.

That little voice in my head has done so much to try and protect me by feeding me those thoughts. So I don’t get hurt or abandoned again. But I’m more confident in myself knowing there are genuine people who are genuine about their thoughts and feelings about me. There are numerous things people like about me. That I’m funny, sweet, cute, or intriguing. The one about me being strangely intriguing or unique is my favorite one.

I start to listen more to all the positive things that are said to me and less of the negative. Not everyone’s gonna like me and thats okay. What matters is that at least a good handful of people do and that means alot to me.

I’m not like healed or anything but I’m taking small steps in the right direction, emotionally.


Ah yes I’m so glad to hear this! Congratulations!

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Lovely post! Powerful sentiments here and itbfeelsnme withnjoy and pride to read this. So glad you’re willing to embrace thebpositives. Sobheres some more for you! You’re talented and amazing and so supportive!

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From: micronious

Wow! I could count at least 12 things good you said about yourself there! I’m proud of you for doing that … If I can say anything… I would say don’t forget just how important you are … you seem to understand that … and with that comes love … love for yourself … You matter … to this whole universe ! Once you feel that love for yourself deep within … you can in turn share that love with all those that matter to you… It’s a wonderful healing process for us all. I hope so much that the healing light flows within you and helps you realize how much you should love yourself… and how important it is for you to share that love! Take some time for you !! Much love on your journey friend !!

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Hi @Amaris This is going to include your latest post. I want to give you what I go thru and I want you to see if you can relate ok? I fear that I’m going to loose my friends at any second. I feel like if I annoy them or lean on them too much they will get mad and cut me off. When they are giving me attention and support I love them and I feel their love in that moment. I feel on top of the world, much like you did 23hrs ago. Nothing can stop me and my friends love me so much. Then, I’ll DM one of the people who have shown me the most attention and have said things like they will always be there for me and love me…but, they don’t DM me right back. I start a loop of self hate thinking. They hate me, I’m annoying, I share too much, they are ignoring me etc. I crash and I want to just DM them and ask what I did wrong or whatever to get their attention. I’ll test them to see if they still love me. Sometimes drama happens and I loose everyone or I just leave first so they don’t hurt me first. Does any of this sound familiar? We can talk more about this if you if you want to. ~Mystrose

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Amaris, you don’t know how happy I was to read this post!!! I love to read a positive post but especially from someone who I feel I know, I have seen you grow such a lot since I have been here, I was saddened to see the post after though, what happened that upset you? It would be a dreadful shame if whatever it was had set your mind right back to having no hope compared to yesterday. I would love you to to re read this post again and try to gain something from it. You can do anything you want to do Amaris, you are stronger that you realise and I have so much faith in you. Much Love Lisa. x

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again my friend! I always enjoy seeing updates from you, especially these happier ones.

I’m so glad you are feeling these positive thoughts about yourself and your friends. I saw your most recent post about being done and I’m sorry that something happened to make you feel that way but I hope you can let yourself hold on to these good feelings.
Think about it this way: It took you a long time to get to that good place where you felt those great feelings. You have been thinking about this stuff a long time and you got to this place. And then less than a day later you are feeling done. Focus on the feelings that took a long time to develop because they are more lasting and therefore can be stronger if you let them, while the negative feelings came from a lesser time frame of something happening to bring you down. Both are valid situations and feelings but I hope you can see the value in that which took more of your time and emotional endurance to come to.

I also want to say how awesome it is that your favourite trait people like about you is your uniqueness. That is such an important step in self-love to embrace that which makes us unique and accept that people will and do love us for that as well. When I read that sentence I muttered “oh good” to myself. Never stop being your true and unique self.

I hope you hold on to the positives and remember that you have accepted your friends like you for the wonderful and original person you are. Stay weird, friend :hrtlegolove:

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