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I think its time to go

i have always felt like i was nor enough or extra everywhere. I feel like my fam would be so much happier without me, the sad kid who lays in bed all day long and has no future. But at the same time i dont want to disapoint my brother who sees me as a older sister that needs to be perfect. Being extra in the friends group, have u ever felt like people avoid you? I feel that all the fkng time its ANNOYING. Everyday i feel like its getting worse and worse I NEED HELP !



hi , I kindda understand you because I know what is it feel like to be not enough.
I dont feel like I’m a disapoint to my family or future but I felt I have been ignored by them . I also have a younger brother. who hates me and I also hate him back. he always act like I’m not an important person. so if you feel like you can disapoint your brother means you are an important person in his life and thats a good thing you should feel lucky about it. because I have been ignored so much that I don’t really care what they think about me.
I was in a friend group before and they kept avoiding me , ignoring me and cut me out of their parties and you know what ? I didn’t even realise that until I found my new friends recently. so if you feel like being avoided it’s not your fault. all you have to do is to find real friends because they are not your friend my dear.
I hope this helps


Hey @bianka , @taylorpalmby dedicated a song to you during her stream!

Hold fast

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omg this melted my :heart:
the song wow
her voice wow
you guys wow

Thanks again!:pleading_face::heart::wink: