I think my friends are leaving me

Over the last year or so my best friends(just gonna refer to them as best friends) and I have gotten closer than ever. We talk almost daily but over the last 3 weeks that’s changed. They’re playing the same games without me and they’re leaving when i join in at the times we normally play. I’m not sure what’s changed but these are the people i love and care about and consider my best friends. It feels like Im being pushed away and it makes me feel like a waste. This isn’t the first group to do it to me, the first were my irl friends and we all drifted away due to life and then when it came down to the end I was just the one who did all the work in the group to keep us together.
These are my online friends and the people who I care about dearly but it seems that im not really welcomed there or im not really wanted there anymore. these are pretty much all my friends and im not doing well with this.

Hey Ethan,

I’m sorry that you feel like your friends are leaving you. The feeling of being abandoned and being alone is shitty, and it sucks. And I’m sorry that you’ve seemingly been left by your friends.

I would encourage a couple of things here one, go and try to talk to them, see if there’s a reason they are doing it, and try to work through it. This may be tough. But you’ll never know the reason for it if you don’t ask. And you may be blaming yourself when it’s not even your fault.

And secondly try to reconnect with old friends, people you haven’t talked to in a while, mend old relationships, or try to start building new ones. Once again this is easier said then done, but it is possible.

Remember friend you are loved, and your life matters.


Hi Ethan,

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your other friends. Maybe you could reach out and talk to them. Give them a chance to open up to you. See if you guys can share thoughts and work through it?

I know that I was hanging with a group of friends regularly but sometimes I need a break from so many people. I get overwhelmed. With my autism I get social burn out. So I’ll hang out with just one or two people for a while at a time. And yes I’ll hang with the ones I have a close relationship with. There was a girl who took this personally and started getting upset and making me feel guilty for hanging with people without her. I had to talk to her and tell her how I was feeling and let her know that it wasn’t personal. I wasn’t trying to leave her out. Sometimes I just don’t want to hang out with a bunch of people. Sometimes I just want to hang with one person. Relax. Instead of a group setting. I don’t want to feel guilty for that. I have a lot of online friends and it’s impossible for me to hang with them all, all of the time. The same with my online friends, they have a lot of friends and it’s impossible for them to hang with me when I always want to.

I think this is why it’s good to reach out and talk to them to see what’s going on. It may not actually be because you’re doing something wrong. It may not be because you’re not welcome or unwanted. There could be something else going on. I know your situation may be completely different than mine. But it’s worth trying to talk first. Before assuming for the worst right?

Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem or feel.

I hope talking to them helps.

But just know, if for some reason they are starting to distance for whatever reason, that you are loved by other people too. :heart:️ I have enjoyed talking to you lately! Our late night chats and laughing about silly stuff were really nice! Even if we aren’t gaming, your company is always a pleasure to be around. You are NOT a waste.

Love you friend.

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Hey ethan,
I am not leaving you and i wont ever leave you . Your my friend and i want to be yours. i know its hard to feel like everyone leaves you but its not . Sometime people are just taking breaks or even going to do something else. that doesnt mean they arent stop being your friend. Your friends here online care about you . your so loved friend hold fast.

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Hi Friend!
I’m sorry to hear that you are going through this. Drifting away from people you are close to is never easy and I’m sorry that you weren’t able to stay close with your “irl friends”. I know it may be difficult to go through this again but you can make it through these tough times. I want you to know that we will always be here for you and no one in this community will leave you. Stay strong and Hold Fast friend <3

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