I think one of my friends is in the hospital…

Sorry, I did see that. :cry::frowning:

I don’t really believe that she is actually okay.

Can you tell us why you think she is not OK? From what I read it seems you feel very responsible for her. I think it is important to learn what you are responsible for and which things are other people’s responsibility.

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What? No! I’m not responsible for her, Leapy. I’m just worried about her. She kept telling me that she wanted to die. We would get into corals, and end up being upset with each other.

Sorry, but you got it all wrong. :frowning:

Hallo katelynn, it’s understandable to be worried about someone who has expressed that they want to hurt themselves. It’s hard to hear them say they are okay when worry is present for them.
Sometimes we have to allow them to go through their emotions and trust they will reach out if they aren’t okay again.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling to sit with for sure, but it’s also very emotionally and mentally draining to take all the worry and carry it around.

Sometimes when I am worried about someone I let them know they have a friend who is willing to listen and support them and that can mean a lot to them.

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Sometimes I feel like nobody gets me at all

Thanks, Alice!

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She did. And she’s really happy that we’re talking again. But I don’t want anything to happen to her, because she’s still a teenager, and she has a long life ahead of her.

I did my lunch for school, cleaned up my room a bit, and helped my family make dinner.

I guess it also helps relieve stress. I want to make people proud, but sometimes it’s hard. School has been tiring, and it always seems like I’m tired after I get out of school.

I feel accomplished

also overwhelmed

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You all are loved! Please remember that!:cupid::gift_heart:

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This is a thank you for being apart of my life!:heart:

I’m sorry if I post too much.:cry::frowning::disappointed:

This is a very sweet and kind gesture, @Katelynn. Thank you for sharing this picture with everyone here! <3


I love y’all!!:face_holding_back_tears:

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Guys, someone at school threatened me and some other people. They said if we said anything to anyone about the incident, they said they would kill me and my other friends.

Even if it was not directed to me….

I’m so scared.

I don’t wanna die. :sob:

I’m worried. And it’s bothering me so much.

I’m crying


Oh my Gosh, why!!!

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Guys please answer when you can.:frowning:

Slow your role here, what incident?

It’s personal, I don’t wanna tell anyone about what the person does not want to share.

But the word kill made me scared