I think things are looking up? kind of?

i hit my 9 months milestone clean yesterday. and on saturday i get to see my friends again! we’re gonna celebrate one of my friend’s 18th, so i’m really looking forward to that. and at the end of the month i’m finally getting tested for adhd! so, all in all stuff has been not too bad. although my mental health hasn’t improved much — i feel empty more days than not, but i don’t really have any urges to relapse. so i guess that’s a win :]

i also feel like i made improvements in my art again AND i’ve come up with more poetry that really speaks to me.


These are definitely huge wins! 9 months, goodness! Look at this journey of yours and how much you’ve been growing and healing in different areas of your life. Well done, friend!

Although feeling empty can be disturbing at first, it’s also quite understandable as you are learning to live without some old coping mechanisms that were certainly taking a lot of your focus and energy at the time. While learning to stay away from what is unhealthy, it also takes time to refill your life with things that are healthy and brings you this vibrant spark of life again. Through all of this, make sure to be patient with yourself – you are doing so good and things can only keep improving from there, especially while you are seeking some more professional help too.

Thank you so much for sharing about your progress. This is truly inspiring and I’m looking forward to reading the next update you’d be willing to share! Take care and have fun with your friends! You deserve more than ever to celebrate good things AND yourself!


From: ManekiNeko

such a wonderful and beautiful post! I’m so proud of you and so happy you’ve reached such a big milestone in your life. You’ve got things you’re looking forward to and you’re expressing yourself through your art. I know some days can still be harder than others, but the fact that you’re here and speaking about the enjoyment you’re getting out of future plans is so wonderful! You deserve to be happy and enjoy life.


From: Mamadien

What a wonderful accomplishment to be at 9 months clean! That sounds like it feels good for you. And seeing friends and celebrating with one of them sounds positive as well. Your update is so uplifting. Getting tested for adhd must be a relief as well. What impresses me most is that even though you say your mental health hasn’t improved as much as you want - you are doing your art and writing poetry. Being able to express yourself in such positive ways is such a big success. That to me says you are definitely headed in the right direction.