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I though long and hard about this

Hi! So. I made a thing.
We’ve really been wanting to share this but then I got discouraged out of fear and got a little sad. But I’ve decided that no matter how hard you try, you can’t hide forever from the things that scare if you want to open up. Thought as much as I could about this, and that is my decision. (We’re hoping he doesn’t decide to delete this topic, we really want to share our art with you guys: K & N)

I spent an all-nighter from 5pm to 9am to make this without breaks. I actually felt pretty good until later today I started to feel sick since I hadn’t eaten and I guess overworked myself (Isually I can stay up days without sleeping :sweat_smile:)
Took a nap and feel better, but still a little sick and groggy. Kinda worried now tbh.

I’ll explain the thing now.

So I was planning on just uploading it here, but I had an issue with uploading a because space :confused:
So I made a channel that I could link to you all. Makes things alot easier for myself.

The “creature” or what you may call the box is like a memory pushed into the physical form of a music box. That’s why it’s alive. Depending on whoever you are, or what the memory is, the box will look different. There’s more info about the piece in the description.

I’m starting to feel sick again, this sucks. It’s a really weird feeling I can’t explain it. Idk if I’m starting to get bronchitis because my chest feels heavy but not hard to breath, or my stomach is just over producing bile because I haven’t been eating. (which I’m supposed to be doing) and no I don’t have an eating disorder it’s more like anxiety/trauma triggers and digestive issues affecting my appetite. If something bad happens I lose my appetite for weeks. I only have an appetite when I’m not busy and happy. It’s quite annoying. I usually like food. More and more though latley… I might have to go to a doctor soon… It’s kinda getting to that point where my weight keeps going down no matter how much I eat, (when I eat). I really don’t want to be diagnosed with some bs eating disorder, but health comes first. My body just doesn’t say it’s hungry.

Have a nice day everyone.

If you want to know more:


I really like the top of the box with the greenery and antlers/horns! I think it looks pretty cool :slight_smile: The whole design itself is very nice and I like the idea of making it into a music box.

I hope you aren’t pushing yourself like this too often. Maybe try taking at least one break and have a meal next time? It could help you feel better once you’re done with everything. There’s also a number of sicknesses that you can feel with vitamin deficiency’s and if you aren’t eating much then it could be something like that. I’m proud of you for sharing your art and I hope you don’t delete it later on either ^^


hot dang
that is one of the greatest vids! Love the last shot (cute), LOVE the box, there’s so much texture and fine details, You did such a fantastic job!!!

thank you most genuinely for sharing with us your talent and skill and vision!

I love the symbolism behind it too, reallly so good.

And I know i have to eat when i do all nighters like that, if don’t i feel sick for days afterwards, and it’s unpleasant, even if i dont feel hungry, i’ll feel the effects the next morning. So i try to at least eat one meal during the night to give my stomach something to munch on lol


Thank you two, personally I think it could use some work, but I’m just glad I could make something. I love getting ideas, the craziest thing about the ideas: if I hadn’t bought that music box, I wouldn’t have decided to make that box for it. Never would have had the idea! (0.0)

Thank you, it was Syras idea. He has his own giant library in innerworld which has alot of interesting trinkets with their own stories. He will be storing this as another relic in the library. He loves history and related alot to the artpiece as a whole. We wanted to make the greenery look as much as it looks like in the innerworld but didn’t completley have the right materials. The grass in innerworld is usually a very light cyan green and reflects like crystals and some of the flowers are the same translucent rainbow reflective texture. All in all it was hugely inspired by the inner world.

The butterflies represent The light (Syra) and the dark (Aryos). Aryos shares the throne with Syra, two kings. it’s from a story I had made which is much longer. They don’t really worry about the story and just live their lives. As I’ve stated before, Syra is a god (Exity), and so is Aryos. Their forms can change to whatever tf they want, but mainly their energetic forms are firey like this.

The sun and a moon with the triangle is the representation of our split sky, it’s kinda hard to explain but basically there are two horizons split in the sky, as in: there is a literal split in the sky. The split in the sky is a giant river that spreads across the sky. It’s a portal to the other half of the planet. Think of it as two planets in one planet simultaneously I have drawn a diagram of it before.

The symbol is the representation of our system. And also the constellation if the place. I guess you could call our signature ^~^

Well previous times I have stayed up all night but didn’t move around too much when working so I guess this is the first time I was hard at work all night long. I’ll defiently remember that, I feel very weird. Hoping I’ll be fine when I sleep. But I have a feeling it’s my stomach that’s the issue. Had to quickly fall asleep for a few hrs earlier bc I could feel stomach burning starting up and you never wanna be awake for that lol. When that’s happens take tums and just sleep before it’s too late and you’re greeted with hell. For now I wanna wait till next morning to eat, I’m scared to eat rn. I hoenstly don’t know which is the better option: eat and possibly make it worse, or don’t eat and have enough time to digest previous meals so I can eat again, but also risk that it might be literally starving and I just can’t tell what hungry means anymore.

I will try that, I honestly love staying up all night. When I do I get loopy and it makes me happy, Like I’m not depressed or worried at all I’m just loopy hyper and happy. Defiently eating next time, idk wtf is wrong with me rn it’s fucking weird to say the least. Scared to eat. Yes I haven’t been taking my vitamins latley, I’m supposed to be taking them since I do have a few deficiencies it’s just a bitch to take so many in just a day. (Pro tip: multivitamins don’t do shit, you have to get each seperate pill.) Though I don’t think it’s the vitamins, I honestly have no clue wtf it is, it’s really uncomfortable though.

I hope I don’t delete it either ^~^

I’mma try to force myself to sleep, I need rest to say the least. Hopefully it’s just a weird body glitch bc that sort of shit happens when the body doesn’t get rest and is under alot of pressure. Sleeping is like maintence, I guess if you miss too much of it there’s a possibility shit stops functioning like it should so sleep could be a good reset. I’m hoping this theory is the issue and it isn’t anything else.

Thanks again you two,


I see a great sense of color, a unique combination of nature and otherworldliness. I sense a beautiful soul who sees beauty, even in the presence of danger. There is awareness of beauty that cannot be seen, but can be felt.

There is both contrast and balance. There is authenticity and freedom of expression in the art. There is a message: Sometimes, even in the darkness, love overcomes fear.

Indeed, art can help us get to know ourselves.


W…O…W… :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :slightly_smiling_face: :grin: :wink: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

This is amazing. It had to take anormous amounts of work and energy. It is not “beautiful” in the traditional sence like a flower or sunset. It is just so deep and strange but also familiar and sad and… just. I cant explain it. Art evokes emotion in me but this had almost made me cry… In a good way. It truly feels like a lost memory or maybe a lost dream. Or maybe a memory that we know of but dont think about so often. What you created is unique and beautiful. It has a meaning behind it which is similar but different for every individual. You created something amazing. You are amazing. You are all amazing :wink: :clap:. All of you within that body who took part in this. You can be proud of yourself. You have created something extraordinary. :clap: :wink:


Wow ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ you really like it! o((^▽^))o I’ve never met someone where art hits them that deep. There is music that can move my emotions greatly, (so I have to be careful with what shows up in my playlists) that’s how I’ve made this, and quite a few of my works. but I’ve never almost cried from art so I’ll take it as a win (>▽<) Honestly didn’t think it was that good. I feel like I could’ve done better but you guys seem to like it so thank you :blush: I tried my best to line it up with the idea of freedom. I want to add some butterflies to it like those artificial butterflies. Couldn’t find any tiny ones though so I’ll do with what I have now.

It’s always hard for me to share my art with people. I love the idea of it but I never usually do. I guess you could say there’s a little lonlieness in it. Free, but alone. Just like a lost memory. Maybe a lost loved one. They’re free, but they are no longer around.

I absolutely love deep and strange things that can’t be explained : D and that is what our world is like. It’s alot of odd things that can’t be explained physically but still manage to function somehow. Things that show up in the world out of nowhere that have always been there but no explanation as to how or when. Alot of strange plants and animals, and the literal fucking geography of the world is a mystery, like the gigantic river in the sky that portals to the other planet, and castles that are the size of countries. Gigantic empires
That’s what I love about it though, I have always love strange gigantic structures or creatures that can’t be explained. Quite a fan of HP Lovecraft for that. As well as WTNV.

[S: It is pretty accurate when you call it a lost dream or memory. When I play this I get a story in mind and that exact feeling lines up every time I listen to it. I personally feel everyone has a memory from a place that can’t be explained. They are lost in us to the outer world. that’s just simply my own beleif though since I’m highly tied to the inner world. I’m glad you like it. The piece was created in the image of the song.]

Lol it didn’t take energy until I realized my body was exaughsted lol. To me it’s what gives me energy in the first place. That’s how I was able to pull the all-nighter. Could have slept but I realllyyyy wanted to see how it would turn out, and it also relaxed me alot. I was watching cinnomintoastken react couch videos the whole night while doing it. It was really fun (≧w≦)!

Thank you again. I can’t say I’m as proud of it as you, but we all enjoyed making it and we were sad to finish. It’s a moment I would love to repeat again. If I could live making something new every day like this I would.

I hope you have a lovely day,

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Wowww you sound like you look at art alot :smiley:
Thank you, you have quite the way with words as always ^~^
It’s cool that you guys all get some sort of message out of it. That’s the biggest beauty about art. You get to share the deepest mysteries within yourself, mysteries you might not even know of until you share your work with others. And you get to show the world within your mind. In a way its bringing your world into reality. That’s what I love the most about it. It’s pure and meaningful. Every creation. It’s the best way to express yourself without words, and you’ve hit it pretty spot on ^~^

I’m glad you like it. Art really does help with self discovery,



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