I told my parents

i told my parents that i tried to kill myself, i hate they way they talk to me as if im a bomb. i cry every 10 minutes, i am now. i wish i hadnt and that i could go back. it will never be good again. i hate it


Hey, @ineedhelp1. I’m sorry that you’re feeling bad about telling your parents that you tried to kill yourself. But I’m proud of you for taking that step. Admitting that you tried to hurt yourself that badly is hard, and sometimes it’s especially hard to tell those we love the most. Have you asked your parents why they are acting like that?

What you told them was life altering for them, and they may not know how to talk to you. They might be afraid that if they say the wrong thing, you’ll try again. And they probably don’t want to take a chance that you’ll try again. Because they probably love you more than you realize. Do you think maybe you could talk to them again, and ask them why they are acting as they are? You could also tell them what you need from them.

I think things will get better for you. Please try to keep communication open. I hope things feel better for you soon.


Hey Friend! Thank you so much for writing!

@ineedhelp1 First and foremost, I wanted to say that telling your parents is a huge step. You may feel shame now, but listen, by telling them, they can understand what you are going through and if needed get you the help that you deserve.

I wanted to encourage you that you are loved and that you matter.

You are NOT alone in your battles. There is ALWAYS, Another In The Fire with you.

With Love



Hi @ineedhelp1 ,

The HeartSupport Houston Team responded to your post here. Hold Fast friend, and lean on our community.


Hey @ineedhelp1,

I’m sorry if your parents reacted in a way that made you feel stressed or upset. You really did the right thing for talking with them. You acknowledged that you’re feeling vulnerable and you need help, which a very strong and huge step. The worst thing would be to stay alone with these thoughts. On their end, maybe they’re not used to help or handle that kind of situation, and were shocked at the moment. Our loved ones don’t always know how to react appropriately, especially when it’s about important topics like suicidal thoughts.

It’s okay to feel lost and even regrets regarding your decision to talk, but I really want you to know that we’re all proud of you here for reaching out the way you do. Being vulnerable is incredibly uncomfortable, but it’s a real strength that you have there.

If you can, maybe try to have another conversation with your parents, to explain to them what you need from them. They might need to hear, from you, how they can support you the best. Overall just giving them the keys for a better understanding of what you’re going through. (I realized this is 100% what Daisy suggested, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. :hrtlegolove: )

You got this, friend. These are scary steps to take, but you are doing the right thing by not staying alone with this. If you’re okay with it, keep us updated about this situation. Let us know how it goes for you. You are loved dearly and your presence makes a difference. :hrtlegolove:

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What’s up @ineedhelp1 sorry your feeling how you are, I feel that to. I got really open about my issues my attempt and my mental health and it’s been very different since. But tot gets better friend I found over time people got more in touch with my feelings and then tried to educate themselves and then things got better. I also found groups in my community where I live where people have the same issues as me and that helped me feel less isolated and alone. Don’t be discouraged telling people what’s going on is important, the accountability it provides is vital to getting better and feeling ok again keep the faith my friend it will get better


i think what @Donavand said was said better than I could…
for certain reasons I closed myself off of the world and my family
but through certain platforms, allowed the empowerment I needed by opening
up slowly at my pace and its been empowering…
your strenght here … is giving me the courage to vocalize something I should have vocalized a long time ago…thnx


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