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I tried to OD again


I tried to OD last night. It didnt work. I wished it did. I’m tired of being treated like a little kid in my family. I mean I’m 18 why should i be treated like that. My parents want me to be an adult but they aren’t allowing me to be one. Im tired of life. I’m a failure.


Hey @rivermakesart. Can you share a little bit more of your struggle? Is it that you want to OD and die or is it that you have a problem with drugs or a little bit of both?

I remember when I I was in a spot similar where I almost OD’ed. I was in college shortly after returning home from Afghanistan and took some methadone and then went out and got black out drunk at the bar. I threw up for 2 days and am lucky God spared my life, but at the time, the hurt and pain seemed too overwhelming. What’s your reason for wanting to OD?


it’s that i tried to OD. I have a problem with drugs.


I know I’m late to this, but Never give up, Be you, Regardless of what they want because they never can stop that, you are No failure, Your Way better than that, A Friend to all of us here, So stay Strong, Stay you - J