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I try my best but I can’t do anything anymore

I’m trying my best in school but I’m slowly failing all my classes and I can’t deal with it anymore. I feel like an idiot and I’m a waste of a perfectly good human being. If anyone else were to be here instead of me it would be infinitely better than if I existed. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get people to like me and I only have “friends” because people take pity on me and stick around. I can’t do work and can’t do anything right. If my parents werent pro-life they would have gotten rid of me. I hate myself and I’m sure everyone hates me too. I can’t tell a therapist about this because it would probably get me in a mental hospital, and I hear those places are nightmares. I’m thinking of just packing some things and running away. Sorry this was so long.

Im sorry you are feeling that way, recently I had feeling that way too, but we have to think that we are worth of everything, we arent idiot and we have to keep fighting so please take care and keep trying :heart: