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I’ve dealt with depression since early childhood and have had anxiety since my first child was born in 2015. I’m 11 months postpartum with my second kiddo and my depression and anxiety became unbearable and horribly scary about 2 months ago…medication has honestly really saved me!!


I’m glad it’s working for you. Sometimes body/brain chemistry needs something to help bring it back into balance. My dad and I were chronically depressed. He self-medicated with alcohol till he died. I’ve been on an antidepressant forever. I’ve thought about trying to get off of it, but I really don’t want to risk a precipitous drop in my mood.

Many years ago, a writer for Mad magazine wrote, “In this world, anyone who isn’t crazy ought to have their head examined.” Yes, the statement is over the top, but it does make a point about how challenging it can be to maintain mental health.

I’m so sorry that you were dealing with such strong postpartum depression, I’m really glad to hear that the medication has been alleviating that. Hopefully that means more time enjoying your beautiful family.


Hey Friend, thanks for your comment, I cannot imagine what post partum is like as I myself have not had children but living with anxiety and depression for many years I can relate to and how anyone manages to do that and care for young children I think is incredible, I think you are so strong and I too am grateful on your behalf for the medication you were given. I wish you well in the future. x

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Hello! I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling for most of your life. Hormones during pregnancy are the worst, and I feel like they can help make things we already feel tenfold. It’s unfortunate that your anxiety and depression have remained extra extreme postpartum.

I’m so glad that your medication is helping you so much and I hope it continues to do so. :hrtlegolove: