I’ve kept going

I thought I’d write here and let my thoughts out. So my birthday passed recently, and I couldnt help but feel proud of myself? I think two or three years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be strong enough to see myself continuing on and let alone being proud of myself and my progress. I still have really dark days, I do, but I know I’ve improved so much. Heart support has really been something that has helped me grow so much. Thank you if you read this, stay strong friends. :heart:



Happy belated birthday, friend! And just… what a beautiful message. I’m so glad you took the time to share it. It’s a beautiful reminder of how much the way we see life and ourselves during our darkest times is something to continuously challenge, because there is the possibility for something better. Maybe not instantly - life is a constant process after all -, but we are surely never stuck in the shadows as long as we keep trying.

You better e proud of yourself! It is a beautiful journey that you’re sharing here. I’m grateful that you didn’t give up on yourself in the past. Never forget that your presence is a gift. :hrtlegolove:


Happy birthday! Love this post! Proud to see you acknowledge and celebrate the improvements and the progress!

You stay strong too friend, we love you!


Hi @Itsa5

Thank you so much for your Post

I love reading the positive posts so much, it brightens my heart to know that not only there are people that are out there who have come from a place of possibly not wanting to be here anymore to fighting back even on the odd dark day and bringing light back into your life.
You are a wonderful human being and I am glad you are proud of yourself because you should be and I too am incredibly proud of you. Thank you also for writing this as this is now an inspiration for others who are not doing so well right now and need that encouragement. Oh and Happy belated Birthday to you.

Take care and you too stay strong, but I have no doubt you will.
Proud heartsupport
Much Love

Lisa :heart:

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