I’ve lost my mind

I see no point in living. I honestly don’t. I seriously need some help/Advice from you guys. Please give me some tips on how to make it until The IMatter Festival on the 12th

You’ve answered your own question. Keep living for the reason that you have that to look forward to.

Hold fast


Hey @CarolynIsAFallenAnge,

I’ve been there before- I just couldn’t see the purpose of living or to keep breathing. @Kayla is absolutely right! You have the iMatter Festival to look forward to, and that is one reason to keep going. When I was feeling the say way, I wrote a list of reasons to stay alive. It might sound silly, but it helped me a lot to look at a list of reasons of what I had to look forward to in the future, whether it was concert, or to see another sunset in my lifetime. Don’t forget that this community is always here for you too, and we want to support you through this. Hold fast my friend- you can do it.


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You have something to keep you going - making it that festival on the 12th.
Don’t think about what may happen after the festival just take it one day at a time.
I try to find something each day that I need to make it to (ie. a movie night, festival ect.)
Take care and keep going, you’ve got this!!

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Stay alive. Just alive for anything, everything. To see the moon each night, see the sunset each evening, for all your dreams and fears. Stay alive for us, and yourself. Keep living for the next festival, the next concert. Find a new hobby or skill and work on it. Listen to music, find new bands.
Take joy in who you are


for the longest time i was stuck in the same position. there were times where i thought, i can’t die yet, i have youth group tomorrow. after youth group there was very little that i was holding on to. i don’t know quite how i made it tbh. God had a big role in it though. there was one point where i was about to end it all but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it. at the time i called myself weak, pathetic, and so many other things i’m sure. i thought i was a coward for not being able to do it but now i see how brave it was. living was worth it. is worth it. you matter, please just try. even if you have to take it one moment at a time. find every moment that was worth staying for as you live in them. find everything that makes life worth it. we all love you and @Bvblover16 is right. “stay alive for us, and yourself”. God’s going to take care of him, you just have to let him.
“stay alive” by andy black

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Hi ,

my best advice is whenever you feel down try to get outside to fresh air. I put on headphones and listen to a playlist of my absolute favorite songs and go for a walk or run. I found that it’s the best way to get out any negative energy. I hope you all the best


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Hi @CarolynIsAFallenAngel
You have a lot to look forward to including your concert. There is a lot of good in life. Look for it. Despite the crappy and dark side. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Always remember that you are strong. Only you can stop this feeling. That is how strong you are.

Hold fast

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Hey @CarolynIsAFallenAnge - I mentioned something similar to another user, but I feel like it applies here too. One of the biggest things that keep me going is my love for helping people; it gives me a sense of value and a purpose. When everything seems apathetic, remember that your testimony is inspiring and can help so many people, especially when you make it out on the other side. This is your reason (one of the many reasons) for living. Keep pushing. We believe in you.