I’ve lost my will to live

I’ve lost my will to live and my will to fight anymore. I tried for months. I ran off my sweat and blood and tears. And quickly realized nothing was worth it. I’ve seen people turn their backs and walk away. I’ve been hurt. Been stabbed. And been left to bleed out (metaphorically). The bad thing either nobody sees it or nobody cares. Either way they say all stories come to an end. And well I just don’t know if my story of pain and hate and being outed and alone needs to continue. Something has got to give before I do

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Monkey -

I know this is hard, life can get that way sometimes. You have taken a step in asking for help. We have a lot of people here. I am sure that people do care about you.
Often people get so wrapped up in their own lives and responsibilities that it is sometimes hard on the rest of us.
We often hint at needing help, but hvae you tried being less subtle in your asking for help with your friends and family?

I hope things get better for you, just take things a step at a time

much love


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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have seen you r posts and replies on the support wall. You are one of the most kind, genuine, and strong people I have ever seen. You are worth so much. Even if the world feels like it’s crumbling around you, it’s important to not give up because you never know what the future holds. Please stay safe friend.

Hey friend,
It hurts me so bad to see you feeling this way. How did your graduation go? I know you understand this is a whole new beginning for you. Also, please don’t let the lack of support get the better of you. I know this community is truly keeping their eyes on you. Sometimes it may feel like people don’t care, but as mentioned, sometimes people have their own struggles as well. Also this is definitely not meant to take away from what you’re feeling. What I mean is that we let our guard down at times. Speaking from self experience, sometimes I need to be slapped in the face in order to get my attention (not literally but just in general).
If you are ever feeling like no one is around, seriously get in my face. This goes for anyone else who cares for you as well, because we do. Life just tends to get in the way at times, and certain people need to be reminded of your feelings. Don’t ever feel like you are bothering me. As other people have mentioned, you bring nothing but positivity when you are around, please don’t let go of that. It may not show, but you help me out greatly when I see you pop into chats. It really lightens up the room and my days.
I’m so sorry you feel this way, as if people are leaving you out to dry. Just know, for myself, it is not intentional. I want to seriously know that you are succeeding and becoming the best person you can. I was even waiting, and constantly checking your socials to see pics from your graduation. If I happened to miss them, can I please see any! Keep that beautiful attitude around for as long as possible, I love you friend.

Hey @Monkey,

I’m so sorry you feel this way but your story doesn’t need to come to an end anytime soon. We are here for you. Please don’t give up. I know you just graduated and you’re not sure what to do next but you will see everything starting in a good direction soon I promise. Keep your head up and you will soon see that its all going to get better. We all have your back here you know this. We won’t turn our backs to you we just want to stand here with our arms out for you.

  • much love monkey
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Hi, Monkey.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. I care for you, friend. You are such a positive force around this community. Always supporting and offering kind words to everyone around here. I see you trying to lift people up. That makes a difference.

I want you to know that, that same respect is here for you to. If you need a friend, my inbox is there for you. I can listen to whatever you need and try my best to offer the friendship you have given to all of us.

I know things are hard right now, but please keep hanging on. Things can get better. I know being told that isn’t always very helpful in the moment. But you are so important and so cared for and I just want you to be okay.

I appreciate you and everything you do. And I hope you’ll message me if you ever need a friend.

So much love to you

Hey Monkey,

It has been a bit since we got to chat but youre not alone

We have always been here. There is value in your story! Dont believe so…

Check here


I am the type to believe that everyone is put on this earth for a reason. If you’re a believer or not. You’re special in your own way and no one can be you and your legacy will carry on whether if you’re nice to people or if you inspire people. And you may feel that there’s no one that cares about you I’ve been there trust me, but I’m here to tell you that there are people who care. I don’t know you but you’re a human being that walks the same earth that I walk I care about you and I’m always here for you I’m always down to talk about anyone’s struggles if you ever feel like you need someone to talk my phone is never on silent even when I sleep my Instagram is @masonzacharias I’m telling you, you have a purpose on this planet and you shouldn’t let that go.