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I’ve never made it this far before!

ahhh i’m very happy right now. i hit 4 months clean today. this is so cool!!! the last time i was so close to 4 months it all went down the drain just a few days before the milestone. but i’m here now :]]

some days have been very very hard on me and i almost messed it all up two day ago. but i didn’t and i’m so proud of myself right now


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Congrats friend, for the milestone, for overcoming the difficult times. You’re an inspiration!

thank you for sharing this with us. You’re loved :hrtlegolove:

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We are all immensley proud of you, well done. Lisa xx


That’s really awesome!

I’m so proud and happy for you. Keep going!

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Amazing, friend. So proud of you. Goosebumps!! What’s something you’ve learned about yourself over these past four months?