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I Visited Church For The First Time In A Long Time

I finally had the courage to go to church for the first time in 3 + years. I went to Calvary Chapel and I was warmly embraced and accepted by the people there I truly felt the spirit there. I met with the Pastor and his wife and the people there and got to know them. This journal to Christ has been one of love, healing and starting over new and getting to know him all over again. The panic attack was a blessing in disguise. He wanted me to be healed of all the pain I had for a long time and I finally let it go now. Now I have true peace.


Hey Ranma
I’m so glad you have found a church that has given you love and peace. I hope you are able to continue to grow and heal as you connect to the community.

Hold Fast, you got this.


@ranma1983 That’s awesome, I’m glad to hear that is all working out so well for you!

I’m in a similar boat, I just went back church after… 14+ years? Went down to a local community church about 5 min drive from my house, and it was a great message with a very ‘come as you are’ atmosphere. I really appreciated it, and I plan on going back. It’s just taken me years to understand HOW God has been speaking to me, and now that I feel that I want to explore that more because I’m grateful for the love that has been brought into my life in the wake of poor decisions, regrets, health issues, etc.

Keep pushing on friend. God bless, hold fast.



I’m glad to hear you are loving your new congregation. We are the church. We will stick together in Jesus’ name.