I walked out my job

I freaked out and walked out of my job. This is not the first time but I really thought this would be the one that would stabilize me. I only had a month left before I would get health insurance. I feel like a failure and I’m giving up all hope in finding something stabilizing. I’ve tried so many jobs. I just want to isolate. I’m tired and giving up on myself. I can’t seem to keep relationships and I don’t know how I’m going to ever have a successful career or kids in future. I feel like a monster with my emotions continuously running wild.


Things can get better, @Rosethorn. Believe that. Things may seem bad now, but you never know what the future holds. Just because you are struggling now doesn’t mean you will struggle forever. I know me saying that may not bring much comfort, because I’m not in your shoes. But know that I’ve been in so many situations where it seemed things would never get better. It took years, for some things, but eventually they improved. Hold on to hope. It’s still out there.

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How you feeling?

disappointed, like I have an emotional hangover. still feel like I failed and made a fool out of myself

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It’s okay. You will get better. Take it easy on yourself. Rest good tonight. HeartSupport is here with you and for you.

Take this time to cater to yourself and practice self-care. I hope you do not beat yourself up over this, you are mentally going through a lot! Try to analyze and figure out what triggered you to walk out of the job, and see how you can prevent or avoid this from happening again. I have heard this ( and you might have heard this before), that our thoughts lead to emotions that lead to actions. I do not know if you do this now but you can try to challenge these negative thoughts. I have challenged my own thoughts and replace irrational thoughts with rational thoughts and positive thoughts. I am sorry life is tough right now, and I hope you find a job that you truly love.

I want to let you know or simply remind you that Jesus loves you! God is the healer of all our problems! Claiming his living word over and over again even if you don’t feel anything at first will release something into your spirit.

Ps. ( please take this out of love I felt led to say this) I love that you trying to get help from this site for advice ( which is good), but your true words of wisdom come from God. Go back to reading the word to find God. Faith gives substance to hope. Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God. I pray that everything will work out for your good in the end!

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Thanks. The disappointment is heavy today. I can’t face spending time with family on Thanksgiving. I m too ashamed

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