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I wanna die tonight(feeling so suicidal)...horrible family ,horrible looks ,horrible life

I’m a 21 years old girl who has no hope,dreams that never came true and never will.
I have two selfish and abusive parents who hate me and I’m a maid in their house and they treat me like shit and I don’t have enough money to move out…
I have to take care of their two kids(I hate kids sooooo much)
I don’t have any time for studying having hobbies.
I hate my parents and my life and my skinny and ugly body
I hate everything about myself I just wanna die I don’t deserve to be alive,I’m worthless,no one love me and care about me I’m crying right now and I don’t wanna wake up tommarow .there is no hope for me…
I’m depressed and suicidal as fuck
I just wanna end this pain end my painful life


Hey @Thisistheend,

Thank you so much for sharing and being here. You did the right thing by reaching out.

I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this at the same time. I also had an abusive parent but I can assure you that you can overcome this with time.
Your current situation and the behavior of your family, as harmful as it is, isn’t defining you either, friend. You have worth and value. You don’t deserve to die. Maybe you are in a state of mind right now when your thoughts are spiraling and you feel hopeless, but these feelings will pass. So hang in there. This is not gonna be your last night. You’ve got breath in your lungs and it’s still possible to change your situation, to find other solutions. Sometimes we’ve been been alone for a very long time and we need others to help us find solutions, safer ones. This community can be here for you.

Please don’t hurt yourself in any ways. If you can, reach out to someone you trust but don’t stay alone tonight if it gets too hard. Consider joining a crisis line too or, at least, keep the following informations right next to you:

This is not the end, friend. You matter. And you are loved.

Hold fast.

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Thanks for your support.
I woke up and I was shocked that I saw myself alive.
I’m continuing my shitty life again
I feel so depressed and suicidal and I cry every single hour…
I wish it was a nightmare and i could woke up and get back to 4-5 years ago…


I’m so happy that you are still here, still fighting! Every single hour you choose to keep fighting has such a huge impact on your future and the future of others, even though you can’t see it now, one day you’ll get through this and you’ll be so proud and so much stronger than you ever would have been if you were never in this situation

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I’m still alive and I’m suicidal af again I wanna runaway from this home I hate them i hate the fact that i should live a narcissistic sadistic man he even beated me last night I just can’t go on like this anymore.
I’m afraid I will fail my college exams this semester a newborn baby+a screaming two years old+ a mom and dad who constantly put me down and degrade me+ house chores…
I feel so horrible I wanna die
I wanna study I wanna listen to music I wanna watch movies I wanna live free I wanna do my hobbies
Nothing will get better…I’m just fooling myself my youth is wasting next to two moron…I hate children

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I’m sorry you are going through to this, it terrible that parents treat you like that. It’s hard to be independent in our economy societies and even for me I’m 29 years and don’t have money to move out. But don’t blames yourself for other people problems. If you can go try see therpist to vent. Also here share something to help you out

  1. Hold cold ice
  2. Wash your face with cold
  3. Punch a pillow
  4. Scream into a pillow
  5. Walk

If you can try stay away from your parents as much as possible. Also there are YouTube video to deal with toxic parent by Katie Morton videos. Please remover you are important and that you not hopeless.


Heya @Thisistheend Thank you so much for reaching out!

I am so sorry to hear all about what has been happening to you. I hope and pray that you receive Breakthrough in the near future.

I am 100% positive that you are not ugly.

I bet you are beautiful!

Once again, thank you so much for reaching out!

If you need anything, feel free to contact me!

Thanks so much!

Darian H/DarianDaOtter


If you need someone to talk to, I’m more than willing to listen to you :3 I bet you are a great person a there is something good in the future for you, don’t give up. This won’t last forever


Hold on a bit longer there @Thisistheend. I know life on your end is really rough and harsh upon you and your soul. I get that but, don’t throw away hope just yet. There’ll be a door with open hands to save you from your cell of hell. And I promise you, you’ll be given a life better than this. Keep your chin up, even at tough times.

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