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I wanna go home repost

alright so today i woke up had some pizza for preakfast and helped clean the house and i ran for 20 mins so yay me but around 5:30 i wanted to get some cereal for a little snack cuz i was a little hungry and i didnt want to be all shaky while i was waiting to eat so my dad said no and he wanted me to eat some fruit or veggie but i couldntfind anything iwanted to eat (im already a little annoyed btw)so i left the kitchen and while i was heading to my room said so ur just not going to eat and i said i couldnt find anything i wanted to eat and he was annoyed cuz i wouldnt eat a bannana and i told him that i exsercised today and i didnt even get a thanks or a good job at all and it hasbeen hard for me to do anything like i have no motivation espesailly when im at my dads house and he said that doesnt have to do anything with eating like trash or something.i just went to my room cuz it was gettign laud so now i will read you the text messages that me and my dad sent to each other

my birth helper:(sends nutriatn chart)exercise has nothing to do with is made of grains and need to balance out the grain and dairy with fruit veg and protien do your own research if you dont belive me.

icky man:cereal is more grains its really not a big deal , i wish you wouldnt try to make it a fight.

me.your the one that made it a big deal i was just annoyed i didnt say anything then u where like ur not going to eat anything (all annoyed),the way that you are trying to teach me to be healthy is very stressfull cuz you make me feel like a idiot for my opinion.

old guy:what i said was make a healthy choice.cereal is not a heqlthy choice when all u had was pizza.if all you had to eat today was fruits and veg cereal would be fine belive me i know sugary cereal tastes better than carrots.

me:this encouragment isnt goign to help me in the long run im just going to corralate it with fighting with you

barf boy:you make it a fight we are simply telling you the healthy choices you have your the one storming off refusing to eat anything that isnt cereal.if as an adult you choose to eat all cereal and pizza all day go for it .the results will be predictible.but we will be up to certainly wont be my fault for encuraging you to aet carrots

me:do you really think im going to talk to you when im older?i dont have the motivation for anything because of my deppression do u think giving me attitude is going to make me eat like a rabbit all the time.

cockroach:im not sorry for giving you helthy food choices you refuse im going to make you a healthy dinner I AM THE WORST!

me:stop trying to make me feel bad im just trying to talk to you

so do with that info as you please


Hey @fynn

It sounds like this interaction you had was so stressful. You worked out for 20 minutes which is great by the way! Way to go! I know your dad and step mom have given you a hard time in the past about you exercising so I’m sure it was frustrating for them not to recognize those efforts but jump straight to giving you a hard time about your food choices. It doesn’t sound like you don’t want to eat healthy, its more of the way your dad and step mom go about trying to encourage you to do so that is so bothersome. It seems like it comes off as accusatory towards you and when you’re already trying to do what is asked of you all while trying to conjure up the motivation to do so in the first place has to be beyond exhausting. I’m sorry the way they are trying to teach you to make healthy choices is so stressful, friend. That would make anyone exhausted. I would encourage you to remember that you are still doing the best you can and are doing really great!! Depression is so hard to fight so celebrate the accomplishments you make even if your parents don’t always recognize them.

Hold Fast,