I wanna go places to have fun and find pretty girl's

It’s been 20 years since that one and we’re extremely exciting theme parks water parks vice versa

What do you mean exactly?

Theme parks nightclubs bars that’s where all the very pretty girls are and all the excitement is in and all of what I love to do.

I understand that. But all happiness shouldn’t be coming from just that. Maybe try finding something else that makes you happy too. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

@hatefulman84 I think you need to find something to focus on besides pretty girls. “Pretty girls” aren’t all there is to life. There’s much more that you’re missing out on because you’re so focused on pretty girls and beautiful women. Like I said before, beauty isn’t just skin deep. You need to look below the surface to find true beauty. There’s a good woman out there looking for someone to love her for the rest of her days that you’re missing out on because you are focusing on this lifestyle.

Partying and having sex all the time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a way to get away from yourself and not focus on any problems you may have. That can lead to problems that sometimes take a really long time to heal, and sometimes problems that you can’t heal at all.

You said in your last post that it doesn’t make you feel better in the end when you have a one night stand. But you keep wanting to do the same thing. When you do something and it doesn’t work, usually you try something different, or try in a different way. When you keep doing the same thing over and over when it’s not working, it’s like you’re smacking yourself in the head. It’s painful and it doesn’t get you anywhere. So instead, how about searching for one person that you can be friends with and have conversations with? Or maybe you have that. How about looking for a hobby? What about reading? Or painting? Or taking pictures of things in nature?

I want you to try to realize that you are worth a good relationship. You are worth having more than a one night stand and you are worth more than having one day of fun with a pretty girl. You deserve that one person who loves you and who you love, for the rest of your lives. Do you realize when you have that person, there’s not just one night of occasional fun? There’s many nights and days that are fun. You can have that. It takes work, but you can have it. You can work towards it. And you deserve it.