I wanna stop

I started masturbating since I was 8 years old and now I am turning 20. It first start as an experiment but now I can’t stop, I really wanna stop. This is the worst kind of addiction unlike an alcohol or a drug addiction I can’t talk to anyone without being judged or laughed at honestly I would rather be an alcoholic at least I would have money to feed my urges. I first thought it was porn or certain movies that caused this but I have been offline line for more than 2 days and I have not been watching tv but every time I am angry or sad I resort to masturbating. This one aspect of my life I wish I had control over please help I don’t know what to do.


Hey man, there no judgement here. Everyone is dealing with something one way or another. We all have addiction that we trying to stop. For me it battle not to self harm or act on my impulse.

In my opinion, I think there nothing wrong with masterbsting ( sorry I can’t spell). It act a healthy thing to do. However, it seem you saying can’t stop doing it.

Don’t mind me asking, is it affect you personal such as work, school or family. There are people that struggle with it, you not alone actually.

To be honest I think okay to blow of steam jerking off, as long you do it in private, like at night before bed.
On the hand, your anger or sad need to express in a way, maybe try boxing. I start last year, I feel it way to release anger and frustration. There other to express anger, such poems, drawing, music, exercise, or what help is I’m using ice cubes to calm yourself down.

Also it awesome you got express yourself her, it good place to be open and free from judgement.

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