I want a friend

I want a friend I can be completly myself with. Things have been so dificult with social distancing. It seems like no one where I live is taking things seriously. I’m in my 20’s and at times feel to old to even comment in this community. I just want someone I can voice chat and hangout with on discord or something with very often and who will accept me as I am.


I feel that way too man. Social distances does suck and it hard to find friends sometimes.


Hey @WakaWaka,

Indeed things have been extremely difficult with social distancing and people taking this whole “pandemic” situation seriously. Unconditionally everyone needs someone who will accept them for who they are truly…a friend or ally that can shoulder your burdens and allow you to take off “mask” of the identity that your wear in society.

You are never too old to comment in this community because we are all in different walks of life and sometimes need the additional support.

Do you live at in the Northeast Area of USA? just wondering for time-zones for discord or zoom calling

Keep posting



From: isavesmiles

I will be your friend!!!

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Hey Waka! I think a lot of us are feeling the drain from social isolation/distancing, so you’re not alone in that. I’m down in Texas, there are so many people who aren’t taking this seriously either, it just drive me crazy. You’re definitely NOT too old, I’m in my 30s and here I am commenting, lol. If you’re interested (not to plug a specific community) there are lots of options for great community discord servers out there. Heartsupport has a great one, and I’ve got one for my community as well! DM me if you want more info. But there are so many members here on the forum who are ready and willing to accept you as you are, no matter your past! You’re a human and you deserve love!

From: bitemarque

I know a lot of us are feeling the strain. I appreciate that you are still fighting the good fight. As MommaFoxFire mentioned, there are great Discord communities out there. Joining a few might help you find relationships to develop more one-on-one, or maybe a good community is just what you need!

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From: uncle_lewey

every thing happens for a reason and I’m sure god is working with you in a very special way to be able to adapt to a different new environment, and 20 is not that old tbh that’s still young, and you are not the only one this social distancing, me my self I hate it, we well all get through it as a family, WE LOVE YOU WAKA

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