I want a new Affirmation

I have a panda planner and it has a daily affirmation section. Any suggestions? I’m looking for something i believe. like, i can’t get myself to write “I’m good enough” because I’m still insecure but i can write “i deserve to feel psychologically safe” because i do think that’s true.


That would be good. :heart:

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Sounds like affirmations based on self-compassion/love/forgiveness feel more right for you! That’s a feeling I totally understand. Still need to work a lot on affirmations because it just feels very weird to me, but it’s such an interesting exercise.

If you’re on Instagram, you can easily find some ideas, especially through accounts that promote self-care. Some affirmations are pretty generic while others can be really inspiring. So the following ones are not mine, but just a few to share as I’ve been trying to use them:

  • Today I choose to send love and forgiveness in my direction.
  • I accept that I am still learning, and I am worthy of patience, kindness and compassion.
  • I give myself permission to embrace all sides of me.
  • I welcome new opportunities and adventures into my life.
  • I allow myself to make mistakes and grow from them.
  • I give myself permission to rest and take it slowly and kindly.
  • I am committed to loving myself deeply through it all.
  • Today, I choose not to be hard on myself.
  • I can be working on myself and still be deserving of everything I desire.
  • I replace limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts.

Hope this helps!


I’m going to be using this one! Thank you. :hrtlegolove:


Hi antigonerex,

The HeartSupport Houston team responded to your topic today. Hold Fast friend, and lean on our community. Click here to watch it.

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  • John

The video link worked and was so, so sweet. I almost feel embarrassed because you all are so kind! Thanks for the suggestions and validations. :hrtlegolove:

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Good! No embarrassment - no question is too big or small. You came here for help and we’re happy to give it.

We got you, and feel free to reach out if we can help support you more.

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