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I want all the pain to go away

Life is just getting very overwhelming I’m really lonely all my friends are really busy and when I do get to have time around them I feel like I waste it by being in my head overthinking and not enjoying the moment I felt really close to wanting to kill myself the other night because I felt worthless all my past was just getting to me and I just want all the pain I feel to go away and I know that’s not the answer I feel better today and I’m moving forward and trying to be better, I just really want to find happiness and keep it, I know I can find it

I know it can be hard but just keep pushing through. Ive felt this a lot and if you ever need someone to talk to dm me on instagram if you have it. Sending love <3

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Also at this point I feel numb like my feelings are just frozen and it’s a really terrible thing to not be able to feel love or joy and all I feel is hurt and pain

Hey Colten
I’m glad you were able to push past your suicidal thoughts. I’m sure you can find it and hold on to it. Take the time with your friends as a moment of relaxing, to not think of your past and stress though it all. It can be one of those joys. I know you can do this!
Hold Fast, you got this.

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From: all_around_ashley

I know how it is to feel worthless . I’ve felt that , I’ve also felt alone because I feel like people are out to get me. Killing your self is not healthy . By the way you will find happiness . Don’t let the past bother you . Focus on the now and the you who you want to be in the future . Hold fast you’re worth it !

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From: tromboness

I’m glad that you’re feeling better today. It does sometimes feels like a cycle of feeling okay and feeling the worst. If you’re comfortable, you can let one or two of your friends that you hang with some of your struggles. Getting the thoughts out of your head can help you get perspective on the issue, and a trusted friend can add their perspective and love for you.

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From: tomtwitch91

This situation youre in WILL GET BETTER. It just takes lots of self effort and work. Keep at it!

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I get this, but on a slightly different level… I don’t really have many friends physically around me, any I had moved away but most are in a whole different country… So, during my free time, they’re sleeping or working and talking can be super hard. Majority of them also have families, or partners etc and so are busy most of the time and it makes me feel so bad because I’m messaging them with my crap… The few minutes we do get to sit and talk I’m spending it just making up excuses not to listen or do the things they ask of me… Then when they have to go, I feel so bad - like I’m just being ignored and they don’t want to talk to me. It’s taken so long for me to stop feeling that, and tell myself they’re actually just busy and will respond when they get chance… It took me a long time to really believe my friends when they told me they didn’t want me to end my life - even though they showed me that love every day, I kept believing they were just doing it because they had to or felt bad for me, not because they actually wanted to help me… Then today, I had the realisation that actually… They do believe I’m worth more than that because they’ve proven it over the last 18 months, I just have to start believing them when they say I am worth it because they are the ones that see me for me, and value me. Keep reading over that last sentence, that you KNOW you can find this, because you can and it’s true.

Hold Fast

Hey friend! We covered your topic on one of our live streams today! Here is our video response :slight_smile: Hold Fast!


Wow this has been very good and I appreciate everybodys support and thank you alot Casey

You are loved friend. It may help to talk with a close friend or family member. They will understand and talking to them will really help you just to get it out, off your chest so to speak. The main thing is to be able to express your feelings and not keep it bottled up. I am very glad that you came here. We are always here for you all you have to do is reach out like you have already done. Happiness can be a tricky thing to keep due to it intrinsically being a different thing for everyone. Stay strong my friend.


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