I want my end to come

I have no purpose for living. I’m going nowhere in life. I almost see my abusive brother every day. I’ve tried to kill myself but unfortunately I’m still here.

I just want to die.

Oh, megadave, you have so much purpose. You may not feel it, or see it, but you have it. We love you so much, please stay.
Is there any way to avoid almost running into your brother? It’s not good for your health to be around him. Let us know how we can help. We are here for you.
I believe it’s fortunate that you’re still here. You survived. Please, continue to live. Things will get better.
You’re important and we love you.

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Hi @Megadave020

I’m glad that you are still here. There is so much purpose to life and living. Sometimes it may be a bit eluding, maybe because ones thoughts are elsewhere or stuck in a loop. I have myself gone through some longer times where I didn’t feel I belong, or that there was nothing new to see; like the days was lacking content. Is this also how you feel?

You seem like an amazing and thoughtful guy. I really wish you would feel better, because you deserve it.

Is there something you like doing; for example music, reading, or maybe programming? Things that are fun or relaxing. Maybe there was something you neglected in the past worth trying again? For me it was lyrics and playing the piano, for example. Doing things helped me sense there was more to the day than nothing; and it has been building up ever since that point.
Also, who is important to you, like family and friends? Maybe a class mate or work collegue from now or in the past? I am very introverted guy but since I opened up more it has been a rewarding experience. I’ve learned that talking to people close to you also helps alot with meaning.

What do you think of this?
All love to you

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You absolutely have a purpose for living! I hope you know how much we here at heartsupport care about you. Please stay! Is there anything that we can do to help you at this time?
And is there any way to avoid interacting with your brother on a daily basis?


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It pains me to see that you are struggling so much and that you wish these terrible things upon yourself that you DO NOT deserve.

I know I can’t stop you or save you from these things but man I know you can get through this. I have seen you fight for so long now and I’m so sorry that things just aren’t getting better.

I’m sorry I cannot be of more aid but I will say I love you and everyone here does and man you are so cherished here.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal BLurryface)

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Megadave. I’m so sorry that you’re still feeling this way. You’re doing so well to fight this. We love you. You can do this. Keep fighting friend.

Hold fast.

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Hey @Megadave020,

Thank you so much for continuing to reach out to HeartSupport. We care for you and we want to see you beat your demons (and you will!). Everyone has a purpose in life, sometimes it just takes a little bit of searching. Is there a way to avoid your brother? He doesn’t seem like a really positive influence. I, too, have been through periods of life where it seemed like I was going nowhere, when, in fact, I was simply staying put and gathering energy to launch into the next season in life.

You deserve so much more. Your life is so valuable. Please keep holding on. We love you.