I Want To Cut My Face

Self image has always been an issue for me, but lately I’ve been around some attractive people and it tears my self-esteem down in seconds to look in the mirror after being around them.
I feel inadequate, and that something as ugly as me should be destroyed. I’ve have a really strong impulses to cut my face.
Maybe I’d be better off scarred and cut up than ugly and unlovable. It hurts to think people even have to look at me, I feel like the bare minimum of a human being.

I want you to know that you are beautiful and amazing. You matter. I know you think cutting might help you but it might make matters worse. You are loved and have purpose. If anyone tells you any differently that is on them not you. Keep hanging in there.

Hi Nevahun

Im do struggle with the same and I hate how I looked too. However, you have remind the idea of beaty can mean alot different things. Their is no such thing as ugly, that also an idea. It hard for women we live in a mess up world were they make babie doll look perfect and have these magzine with perfect body. In addition, saddly we paid for these mental problem that society put on women and it very destructive.

Cutting off you face will not get rid of mental problem, it actully make worst and do more harm than good. The impulse are making feel that way, the problem with impusle they do not make you think logically.They you make bad choices with terrble out come.

Im sorry you feeling this way and remember beaty is within.

In case no one told you today:
You are adequate.
You are loved.
You are unique.
Most importantly, you are beautiful in more ways than one, and I dont need to see your face to tell you that.
Perception, especially of ourselves, is not easy. Not even a little. And I am so sorry you feel this way, because you, and anyone for that matter, deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin.
You are not alone in these thoughts and feelings. Sending my love and support to you. You will overcome♡