I want to die already

I want to die. i might die. Ik i wont die. I want to die.

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@Fallen_angel from your post it sounds like you’re in a hard spot stuck in your head right now. I don’t know what’s going on but I know the feeling of wanting to die. That feeling is hard and confusing but it won’t last forever. The world is better with you in it! and with time and progress, I know you’ll be able to experience life without the feeling of wanting to die. We’re here for you

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Hey @Fallen_angel,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time today. With the posts you shared lately, I’m aware that you’re going through a difficult season of your life. Yet you’ve been so brave by being here and to keep sharing about what’s going on.

Please keep saying no to those thoughts that are trying to convince you that death is a solution. Keep pushing them away and take the time to reach out to a crisis line:

We want you to be safe and make sure that you keep taking care of yourself because we care about you. You don’t have to fight those battles alone. We’re in this with you and you are loved so much. :hrtlegolove:

Thank you i kinda just needed it off my chest


I actually have some crises phone numbers in my contacts! I personally like the tervor life line cus im LGBTQ+ and can call without judgement of anything including that thank you i am staying strong

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That’s really good <3 I’m glad you got those on your phone! Super important to keep it with you. :heart:

I hope you’re feeling a little better.

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