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I want to go home


I’m half way across the planet, all by myself.

I’m sitting in my friend’s mom’s house, bawling my eyes out because all I want to do is go home.
All I want to do is get on the next plane and fly to my parents and siblings.
In a few hours im 21, and i can’t handle being alone right now.
It all too much, I don’t want to be here, I want to go home.
I keep crying, and all I can think of is how much I want to leave here and be at my mom’s house and just sit there knowing everything is going to be okay.
I’m not sure everything will be okay…


@fiji I am so sorry you are half way across the planet and all by yourself. Than on top of that you are worried about your mom too and your family. Could you possibly be able to skype or video call them in some way. I dont know if that would be possible. I know when I went over to Ireland email was a big contact but one night I was able to actually thanks to the friend I was with have a conversation with my family via skype. Perhaps that would be possible.

Disabledmetalfan (Ash)


Thanks… yeah I video called my parents. I tried really hard not to cry the entire time…
it’s been years since I missed home this much.


how long till you get to head home may I ask and it sounds like you are away for awhile. Hopefully soon a routine will start and you are able to get some piece. You will be back with them in no time you watch.


“Only” 9 more days.
It feels like forever.


Fiji, hey there my friend. I actually covered your topic on my stream tonight, sorry I couldn’t post it. So I am very sorry you feel so alone right now. There have been many situations when I was away from my family as well. May I ask what has brought this distance between you and your family?
When I was 20 I ended up leaving home for the Marine Corps. This was the first time I was ever that far away from my family. I’ve gotta say, it was rough at times. Then what made it worse is that I got deployed to Iraq. This truly made it seem like I was a world away from them. Although, I had to find ways to cope. It seemed like the more I thought about them, the more it hurt. I’m totally not telling you to forget about them for the time being, just maybe find ways to think of not being as far. I agree with disabledmetalfan, try your best to use the technology available to you. Also, lean greatly on the people you have there at the moment, such as your friend and their mom.
Trust me, this will only make you stronger for any future endeavors when you may have to face this again. Just please don’t let this get you so down, that it may cause hurtful pain. We all care about you, and don’t want to see that.
If it also helps any, you have plenty of family here to help you through it. I know it may not be in physical form, but I am always willing to chat with you, to maybe even help you get through this pain you’re feeling. I totally know where you’re coming from, and know it makes you feel lonely. Just remember though, at the end of the tunnel your family will always be there waiting for you. I really hope this helped bring you some comfort friend. Please Hold Fast, and know you have an army of people supporting you!!! Much love to you friend!!!


Aww, I’m so sorry you are feeling so alone and so far away from your loved ones. That’s got to be so hard. I definitely know what it’s like to be torn away from loved ones and then having to live far away from everything you know. I spent many years having to do that. It’s definitely a very lonely feeling.

I know Ash suggested video calling. The internet is such a wonderful thing as it provides us the tools to be able to communicate in ways we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I know there are all kinds of apps and tools to use to reach out to family.

But I know that doesn’t fill in that long distance void completely because you are still physically so far. I understand .

I hope that sooner than later you are able to spend time with those you care about so that you can find some peace and comfort.

I know it hurts, but a lot of strength comes from it too. Stay strong my friend. I’m thinking about you and sending you so much love


Thank you!
When I was little, I would never even go to sleepovers because I couldn’t handle being away from home. I always had be picked up by my dad.
Then, 1 1/2 ago, I moved across the globe by myself for 6 months and it was the best time ever.
Now, I’m in that same city, and all I want to do is go home.
I know I’m very tired from traveling the whole time, but I just want to get back home.