I want to go to sleep and never wake up

I get zero respect from anyone in my life and I just feel like nobody wants me and that I’m a burden to everybody and I get blamed for random shit that happens and my parents have threatened to kick me out several times and I just don’t wanna live anymore


Hey @mikeyparadise,

I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this feeling of being unwanted and unloved. Feeling like we’re a burden to others is such a painful place to be. Oftentimes, we believe that because we have a hard time to see ourselves as valuable and worthy of the love and time of others. But sometimes we also see through others behaviors a lot of reasons to validate how we feel about ourselves already. Which doesn’t mean we are right, but it hurts. A lot.

I’m also really sorry your parents are threatening to kick you out. That is not loving and not something a parent should say to their child, no matter what. Would like to discuss a little about what happened with them - what was the context behind them threatening you? And besides them, are there others situations that make you feel like you get zero respect from anyone?

Know that what you say is taken seriously here and your voice is important. You belong, friend, even if it feels like life is crushing you right now. You have worth and your existence makes a difference. Hang in there. :hrtlegolove: :

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