I want to reach out to him about this

Hi ,
This title bassically explains everything . I want to reach out to him to hear his opinion on what he thinks .
For those who dont know , me and a guy i used to day called things off April 27th due to the poor communication issues after he was in a call with a friend for i believe 9 hours while in a game without letting me know … Which isnt a big issue, but when you randomly just want to break down in game and when you leave the game you just spiral out of control with other friends .

Anywho i need someone to proof read a message i want to send to him . I do accept harsh critisim with what may need to be changed …

The message :

Hey , How have you been ?
I know this may be a long message but i need to get this out, i miss you i know its been a month since we’ve called off the relationship , but nothing feels the same without you . I wish things didnt have to end like they did . I tried to wait to see how i’ve felt about everything but nothings changed . I do have an important question for you but it will be towards the bottom of this message . But first things first everything in a nutshell from my point of view on what i fucked up .
One thing is that I want to start to address was the communication issue . I know in the past I said “I will” , but honestly communication is hard for me in some cases. I tend to bottle it up and just let it out when im around different people . I am not good at expressing how i feel to the person who its towards as that i ask other what do i do, or even as i had stated , break down in front of them.
As Much as communication is key and that i do need to work on it , i feel like sometimes i feel like i should take it step by step and not take it a yard , ( if you get what im saying ). I really want to work on the communication issue situation , i just , i feel like i need time and patients when it comes to that. When it comes to communication based how i feel , its hard for me to express how i feel to that person and i would just randomly break down to others…
Another thing i feel like i need , is the reassurance . I had / do second guess things that i do / read . I know how we say thing we mean well and what not , i STARTED to second guess everything the messaged, the one worded answering sometimes. I feel like when i had gotten a im ok or im fine, i read it as something was wrong and that i would give you some “Space” . Sometimes i had let my emotions get the best of me. I hate how i second guessed everything and started to distance myself from the relationship . I hated how there was times we got into arguments and or fights because of what i fucked up . I still feel guilty about it . If i could i would go back and change EVERYTHING i did wrong .I feel like no matter what, that extra reassurance possibly may help. Getting into that relationship back in September i was afraid of loosing you even though that feeling went away, that feeling came back After December 31st . Back then and now you still mean everything to me and i know that we are still friends but, I am willing to break down everything from the start of this . The beginnging of January i started to become distant due to the fact that i was afraid that something bad was gonna happen between us and that my actions where def showing that since the off and on issues we were having . Even what i stated above the second guessing got the best of me and what i started to feel/ thought.
To add on if we do decide to have things go back to how they were , I’m willing to do check in’s once or twice a week to see how we are doing / if there’s anything we need to address with any situation within each time period. I know i still need to work on my communcation , and trust better .
The question is , you willing to get back together , and have it like it was or at slower pace?
I’ll give you time and space for acouple days to let you think before w\e have an open discussion… let me know what your answer will be. - Ash

Is this message ok to send to him ? if anything were to be changed what would / should i change.
ive been meaning to send this but i need it to be proof read … Any sugestions will be helpful .

  • Ashley

I’m so so sorry that things broke off with your relationship! That’s always hard losing someone. It’s hard to say what is the right thing to do because we don’t know him and we didn’t know your relationship. Some people may want the space and may not like having someone contact them, and some people may respond well to it, I guess you know him better than any of us could.
How’re you feeling about it?

I think what you wrote is honest and I do like that you noted you’re willing to make the effort to check in during the week with each other, even if it’s not in this relationship, it’s a brilliant idea for future relationships!

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