I want to SH so hard

These times I really want to self harm. I am 5 months clean and I don’t want to fall back again.
I am trying not to do it because my boyfriend told me that he will break up with me if I am doing it…
Do you guys have advices to help me not to do it ?
I am already using the butterfly challenge to help me but I feel that it will not be enough for these times.
I used to self-harm everyday or even twice a day and I miss this feeling. It is getting really hard to fight.


Hey friend :]

I struggle with sh myself and 5 months is such an amazing milestone!! You rock.

I’m an artist and what I do is when I get urges is draw. It requires a lot of my attention and is something I really enjoy doing. Maybe that’s something for you as well; doing something you enjoy as an distraction.

But I do know one or two alternatives to cope with sh; snapping a hair tie against your wrist can help! Or, I’ve done this before, taking a red fineliner and drawing lines on my arm (or wherever I would like to do it). That’s usually my last resort and has helped every time so far for me. I’ve also heard of people using ice cubes as an alternative. Holding it until it melts or something like that.

I hope you can find a suiting alternative for you! I wish you the very best<3


I’ll try it ! It seems helpful Thanks for you answer <3


Hi lxdlau
I know a video from a great mental health channel Psych2go about ways to deal with. I will post a link here. I hope at least some of it helps you. :upside_down_face: Self-Harm and Self-Care: Tips on How To Cope - YouTube
I am also sorry that your boyfriend is not verry supportive. I know he might try to stop you from hurting yourself but the way he does it is not very healthy.


From: TempoMaz

It’s gonna be ok. So many people are here for you. You may be feeling sad in the moment, but we all evolve, seasons change, our feelings change. You
will evolve, improve, you won’t always feel this way, and one day you will look back, and see yourself back then vs now, and you will be ok. So just keep going. Keep living.

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From: Micro

Hey friend, how is your recovery going? Have you managed to find some good coping mechanisms that are helpful for you? Please let us know if we can support you in any way. HeartSupport also provides a workbook about self-harm that is called Rewrite, and could maybe be a great tool to work on with the help of a group. We have on our Discord server some support groups called Action Groups that can be of a great help to receive closest support and accountability. There are possiblities, and we all want you to keep succeeding in your healing. We believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

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