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I want to start another form of self harm (TW)

I want to start cutting instead of other forms like scratching myself with plastic i feel like cutting would satisfy my craving and would help if i decide to i justxhave to go to the store Tomorrow to buy what i need to do so i just wish i could be okay i dont know what to do

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Hi friend. I know that feeling. I’m sorry you are in it’s grasp. You can resist the urges to self harm. Breathe. You are worth it. You can outlast the feelings of self harm. If it’s helpful, picture them like something that disgusts you and tell them NO - you will not give in. You will not fall for the empty comfort they promise.

Hold fast friend. I wish you could know the comfort and encouragement that I and so many others here feel for you and the encouragement we have for you to thrive. You matter. Your life matters.

I hear you say you wish you could be OK but know that self harm will not help you be OK. It will push you further away from being OK. It can be tempting but it is empty temptation that will only leave you feeling worse.

I believe in you. You can be stronger than this. I personally go for very long walks sometimes - I tell myself I am just going to keep walking until I “feel better” (whatever that is). Usually I just feel tired but the next day is a new day and sometimes a better one.


Hey. I have been where you have been. If you start cutting, it will feel good for a while, but then when the pain continues, the cuts won’t be enough. So, then you will try to cut yourself deeper and that cycle will continue until you either quit or end up in the hospital. I know the emotional pain behind wanting to cut and trust me when I say, there are so many better options to dealing with that pain.

Your life is so valuable and you do not deserve these wounds. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you deserve it, that’s a lie. You don’t. I know that sometimes I would cut because I felt like a balloon about to burst and I just wanted to release the tension. But after cutting, I would feel guilty and ashamed. The emotional pain following the cuts was so much worse than what I felt before, if that makes any sense. I care about you and I don’t want to see you go down the same path I did. Have you ever sought out counseling? It was very helpful for me when I was cutting and it helped me realize that there were so many better options.

You are loved more than you know. Keep fighting those urges. The battle is worth it. And if you feel like you can’t hold on anymore, reach back out here on the forum and we will fight alongside you.

Hold fast. We believe in you

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