I want to take euthanasia

From bjorn7791: Life has been a never-ending circle of misery for me, and I’m really tired of everything.
I want to let everything go and disappear. I have been talking with my doctor about getting euthanized.
I don’t want to bother trying to save myself anymore. So I need reasons not to do this.
I have talked with my parents about this, and they are fine with it (still heartbroken).
Honestly, i am not afraid of it anymore, and i don’t want to suffer a painful suicide, so this is my best option now.
What do you random people of the internet think?

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Hey there :wave:t2:

Firstly thank you for reaching out. It takes a lot of courage to open up on such an important topic like Euthanasia. My main reason for this reply is to provide you with some reasons why you should consider rethinking your decision

The reasons are:

  1. Your full story hasn’t been told yet - there is so much joy and happiness that you’ve yet to experience. It’s foggy, but usually fog leads to sunshine. Keep holding on!

  2. Your Parents - You say they respect your decision but they are heartbroken. They clearly care about you loads, and are crushed at such an important decision. You can lean on them for support

  3. You’re cared about - There are so many people around you who care. We care about you hear within the HeartSupport community

  4. The Possibilities are Endless - There are possibilities which have not come your way. There is potential for new friendships, relationships etc

All of these are important and I hope you will take them on board. Your existence matters to so many. Please consider reaching out to a mental health professional who can help :blue_heart:

Hey friend,

I agree with @EvilGenius…your story is not over yet.

You ever read a book or watch a show/movie where it seems like the main character just can’t catch a break…but the trials and hardship they faced ended up being what gave them the strength to prevail and become the hero?

There’s credence to this. It’s called the hero’s journey. Joseph Campball wrote a lot about this. I think that this is what life is about. the stuff that brings us to the very edge is exactly what we need to be the person we are ultimately meant to and capable of becoming.

There are many people like you, friend. people that need to hear from another person that’s been through things, to let them know they aren’t alone. In fact, giving yourself to acts of service for others is such a fulfilling thing that the human spirit needs to thrive. A lot of these acts of service come from being in the position of the person you’re helping. it gives meaning to life and lessens the suffering we have to go through.

Without going on and on…what does the rest of your story look like? What happens? does it just end? or is there a come back story where you overcome everything that’s working against you and you become the hero?

Stay in there friend. There is hope. There is reason to live. I believe in you.


From bjorn7791: hello====================

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From bjorn7791: i am now in the waiting list for euthanasia