I want to try to OD again

Hey Dave. Suicidal thoughts are something that are really intense and serious to deal with. Have you thought about seeking psychiatric care somewhere? It sounds scary but its one of the best things i’ve ever done.
There are 7.6 billion people on this planet, and you are the only you. You only feel what you feel, you only look how you look, you only like the same things you like. You’re original and here for a reason, friend. I highly suggest looking into partial hospitalizations for treatment. They’ve saved my life when I was in a similar head space.

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I’m gonna say no to hospitalizations because I’ve been there twice. It was a waste of $2000.


Thank you for being honest with us and yourself.
I wish there was some magic words I could say to make it all go away, but sadly there’s not.
All I can say is you are worth fighting. You deserve a life where you feel joy and love and peace.
I hope you know that we love you and we believe you can get through this.

Hold Fast,

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Friend you your life is worth living because if yours isnt than everyones is not. I dont know what your life is like because I am not in it but I am in a world that truly is not fun at all but let me say that idea of not having a life worth living is totally a lie. It might not feel like it but life is going to give us so many negatives and it sucks but let me tell you I have to actively find those positives. Like today I could have stood at work and been upset about the fact my head and back hurt so bad I was literally crying as I did my tasks but instead here is what I see my coworker who said to me how proud she was that even though I felt like crap that I still did stuff and how that is not like other people there. Find even a small thing a 100 times a day in order to see those positives it might not be perfect but it can help lessen it. WE CARE ABOUT YOU. You are worth living and having a life.

I am here for you.

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Hey @Megadave020 Seriously You can be one strong guy. Im here with you being strong for you! You are so loved here my man. You will get through this! Like always it will take time but you are so loved and we want you to stay with us.

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My dear friend Dave,


You are such a LIGHT in this world.

I know that these thoughts are so hard to get through- but please please know so many love you. There is light at the end of this tunnel.

My friend you are so so loved and cared about and you are so so valued and important to me and to so so many.

I love you friend. I know this is so hard, but I know you can do this.

You see all these people here? They care. I care.

We all love you.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (your old pal Blurryface)

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This is completely understandable. Trust me, I’ve been there. But you have friends and family who care. We care. I care.


Hold on brother, you are not alone. I understand, truly I do. I’m sitting in my office right now tearing up for you, praying over you. It’s not fair that whatever is gripping you, won’t relent. My suicidal thoughts taunt me most days, reaching for a foothold to grab onto in my head. 2 Years ago I sat in my truck in my parent’s garage with the keys in the ignition planning to drift out of consciousness. I never started my truck though, I chose against everything that was going through my head, everything that felt real at that moment to believe in hope. Even though it seemed so far away. I trusted with the small faith I had left that these relentless thoughts and voices in my head would go away someday.

It’s been 2 years since that night, and even though they still come, they no longer have strength over me. They no longer suffocate, and weigh me down. They can be equated to a light breeze that comes, and then passes as fast as they came.

Hold on my friend, I’m fighting with you, and Jesus is fighting for you.

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